Santa Ramona Vehicle Rules and Information

  • Vehicles may only be rezzed by those who are in the land group and current renters in Santa Ramona Valley.  On occasion admins will allow players temporary prims to be rezzed for a scene requiring a vehicle but the player is not a renter. Temporary prims are cleared every 24 hours. Vehicles when rezzed should be within your land impact limits.

  • Do not use vehicles which are extremely heavy in scripts or vehicles which spam local chat, that emit a large amount of particles, has hover text, or are extremely noisy. If an admin notices any of those you will be asked to take your vehicle back in to your inventory. 


  • Vehicles are to be used for roleplay use only, when they are not in use they are to be taken back into your inventory. The reason for this is that even idle vehicles can contribute to the lag on a sim.  If a vehicle is sitting out, not in a roleplay scene, it can get returned by an admin.

  • No flying, hovering, sci-fi or out of theme vehicles. Helicopters/planes/boats may be allowed if their use is approved by owner/admin prior to the scene. All boats/planes/helicopters must be under 50 prim unless otherwise approved for an event or roleplay scene.  For permission contact owner/admin in world.


  • We do not currently participate in sim licenses. This is free form RP, it is up to the player to determine their character’s license status. However, if your character is a repeat offender on sim with driving offenses the license can get “revoked” until certain roleplay dues are paid such as fines (never real lindens), jail time or community service.