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SRPD Armed Citizen Gun Permit Application

Please note that the SRV Gun Permit title "Armed Citizen" is NOT required to carry a firearm in SRV. They are for storytelling purposes only.


Our sim is designated as freeform, meaning the player can decide in the roleplay whether or not their gun permit is legal or they are illegally carrying, though the permit is preferred. 

It is not required you wear your group title "Armed Citizen" when you're in public and carrying, but it is appreciated.

This application is checked monthly, when you are approved you will have a Santa Ramona Valley Armed Citizen title in the IC group.


With a Permit Title: 

  • You must be 21 years of age or older. (no under 21 characters may carry a gun or a gun permit)

  • Rifles and pistols are permitted to be carried open or concealed and may be carried loaded.

  • You must have no felonies and no documented history of mental health issues. 

  • You may carry in any public space except for within 300 feet of any municipal department, unless you are employed there and establishments which serve alcohol/marijuana. 

  • Bear in mind-automatic weapons are banned OOCly from the Santa Ramona Valley sim. If you are carrying/ using an automatic weapon your scene will be voided with no negotiation. 



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