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sRDC Court Case Information

Embossed Paper

Ongoing current cases, SRV's Most Wanted and citations and more are found in this menu. It is available for public record for a period of one year before they are archived. If you have an ongoing criminal, civil or circuit case as listed below you have choices as to how you would like your story to progress. SRDC also offers plea deals before your case gets moved to a court option.

The SRDC Offers three styles of seeing your case.

1. Dice Trial: THIS IS A NON RP OPTION: Judge rolls for outcome and sends you the verdict. If guilty you can roleplay paying your fine (no real lindens!), turn yourself into the SRPD , make a payment plan or opt for community service in lieu of a fine. Alternatively, you can join the Most Wanted and live life on the run. Dice will be the standard SRV Dice 1d25.

Rolls 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 - NOT GUILTY!  You are done.  The case is closed.  You avoided conviction. You were charged, but beat the charges!  

Rolls 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,13,14,16,17,19,20,22,23,25 - GUILTY!  You must agree you pay the fine and take a LM to jail.  You must serve out your sentence (not to exceed 72 RL hours).  You do not have to go through intake, you can just take an LM provided, you do not have to go through the court case.

2. Judge Trial: come to the court and have your case be heard on the date set forth on your subpoena, have your case be heard and tried at the end of the presentation. You may choose up to 3 witnesses to examine during the trial and have evidence presented. You may be offered the opportunity for a plea deal prior to the case.

3. Jury Trial: 5 Citizens that are in world or willing at the time of your court case are tapped to be your jury by the judge or DA. Have your case be heard on your trial date and let your fellow citizen choose the outcome. You may be offered the opportunity for a plea deal prior to the case.

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