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SRV City Council

Santa Ramona Valley

City Council

Information & Positions

Current Proposals

Proposal I.

Chairperson Submitting: 

Sarina Jade

SRPD Chief


Background Information:

Currently, the SRV Counts has approximately a dozen bench warrants issued for those who failed to show up for their court date or did not complete the requirements of their sentencing. The number of warrants causes a significant drain on SRPD manpower and other significant resources.. 


I propose the creation of an SR Bounty Hunter group to be overseen by a court official or the SRPD Lieutenant. Every 2-4 weeks a list of "bounties" will be issued by this official. Those who are licensed bounty hunters would then be able to locate and apprehend these individuals. Once apprehended, they'd be brought to the jail, where they would serve their time, per the sentencing guidelines provided by the judge. 

The following rules would apply to all individuals requesting to be a bounty hunter: 
Be at least 18 years of age
Be an SRV resident
Have no major crimes felony convictions (rape, attempted murder, murder) 
Complete the 2-hour Police Officer Standard Training power of arrest course

All bounties will receive a flat rate of $2,500. 

Legal Notes:

SRPD and SRV court house can not be held responsible for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of a Bounty Hunter apprehending a known fugitive. 

In general, bounty hunters have greater authority to arrest than even the local police. When a defendant leaves jail on bail they waive their constitutional rights. They agree that they can be arrested by the court if they should fail to appear for their court appearances or complete their sentencing requirements. 

The SRV Bounty Hunter only needs the warrant issued by the judge in order to apprehend a fugitive. He or she can enter private property unannounced and doesn't have to read a fugitive his or her Miranda rights before making the arrest. The bench warrant issued by the judge gives the bounty hunter the right to enter the home of a fugitive, but only after establishing without a doubt that the person lives there. They cannot enter the homes of friends or family members to look for the fugitive.


Proposal II.

Chairperson Submitting: 

Dimitri Rousseau

SRFD Chief


Introduction To Proposal:

The city of Santa Ramona lies in California, near fault lines and is prone to earth quakes and wild fires. Citizens have even experienced flooding due to the breakage of the Dam.

We at the FD have put our all into helping assist with EMS and aiding relief and recovery efforts.As an Incident Commander at fire scenes, I would like to propose two things that would help the city in the event of natural disasters and man made devastation.


A FEMA style agency funded by Federal money which might be procured by the Governor himself but

put toward creating a locally run council run agency which would oversee the relief and recovery efforts

as well as:

II. The implementation of a Contingency plan for the city.

The agency could be run by the lead heads of the municipal city departments and hospital, so: 

FD/PD/Chief of Staff of Hospital. This body would oversee:
        Financial aid
        Practical aid and resources
        Media alerts/communications.
I have compiled a list of considerations for addressing the various scenarios that would or should be
looked at in such events and would like to present them to the city council.

If the proposal is successful, the Relief and Recovery body would be able to establish a simulationof the contingency plan and better prepare the city for a natural disaster event.

I would also like to propose [keeping with the Mayor's specific request in mind] that any such agency would be constructed in the South side of the city to regenerate that community, providing employment and potential minor offender rehabilitation programs. 

Another possible request would be to establish a warehouse for provisions and supplies, also to be  established in the South side. As an owner of a construction company, Rousseaus would like to offer it's services for the tender of building any such establishments if the proposal is successful---but of course we will apply for those.

Resolution and Budget:

If passed, we would as citizens be able to have a locally run agency that is established in a deprived community [and probably first at risk] that the Mayor hopes to open up jobs with and the FD wishes to provide effective aid and recovery by and with in cause of natural disaster or even man made devastation. [Re: Dam]. We would have a contingency plan set in place and logistics and finances too. The estimated sum for such an agency body and HQ and warehouse would fall in the suggested range of Agency: Once a month meetings for all heads of dept to convene and go over details, staff would be hired for daily administration and fund raising events.

Salaries would then be expected to come up to:
Head of Depts: Extra 5,000 dollars to complement their current salaries
Staff: 15-20,000 dollars p/a

Warehouse: Yearly sum to be spent on provisions and supplies/equipment would come to roughly
50,000-100,000  but needs to be worked out by agency to exact budget
Staff: 15-20K

Proposal III.

Chairperson Submitting: 




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