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Two Fires In Two Days

The SRFD battled two separate blazes in two different sectors of the South side on Wednesday and Thursday night this week respectively.

The first fire occurred on Wednesday evening at about 19:13PM at a trailer in South side's trailer park located by Rhydin Street. The SRFD were quick to respond and put out the fire which blazed heavily. The crew evacuated the area and SRPD assisted with crowd control as residents of the trailer park watched the blaze consume one of their neighbor's trailer. No fatalities were reported or injuries.

"I wasn't sure why it happened- but I can tell you there was a weird beat up car sittin on some grass opposite the trailer, for an entire day. Damn thing smelled like gasoline too but none of us knew who it belonged to. I didn't call nobody cuz I didn't think it was doin nuthin to nobody anyhow." One witness to the blaze reported, wishing to remain anonymous. "Anyhow, the car ain't go up in fire but the trailer sure did." The bystander testified.