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Tourism Gets A Boost in Santa Ramona

Tourism in Santa Ramona will see a new boost as the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are ushering in a new initiative to bolster the Tourism booth in the town square on Grove Avenue, in the North side of the city.

"The Board of Tourism is being created to encourage and direct Tourist activity with local businesses in all of the city benefiting from the revenue that will be drummed up by those who voluntarily sign up to have their business sponsored by the Board." The Deputy Mayor Dimitri Rousseau explained.

"So for example, say you as a business owner might have a winery, you head over to City Hall, fill in a form submitting your business name and details an' the Board will add it to a list of local businesses that will participate in a scheduled Tour for guests and citizens alike who wish to undertake a tour of the city.

After a long hike in the valleys or a day spent surfing an' cycling round the city, the Tour guide group could bring the Tour group over to said winery for a scheduled activity of wine tastin' ---in this way the Board of Tourism ensures local business owners are seeing foot traffic an' their local revenues boosted." The Deputy Mayor went on to explain.

The initiative while a part of the Deputy Mayor's platform is also supported by the Mayor of Santa Ramona enthusiastically. Mayor Russo helped oversee the Tourism Booth in the Town square which was the first step of the initiative and the second part is the implementation of the Board of Tourism for the city of Santa Ramona.

Meanwhile the Mayor's office is looking to hire a Director of Tourism for the city. The director will be responsible for hiring candidates to be Tour Guides and will also:

- Actively sign up local businesses to have their businesses sponsored in the Tour Guide

- Review any applications made by these businesses

- Prepare itineraries for Tour Guides/Groups.

-Maintain schedules. [To apply for this position OOC N/card to Jay Stone or Evelyna Stone

-Julian Quinzet or Blueridgechick resident]

[OOC: To put your local business down as part of a Tour Guide activity, simply fill out your character and avatar name and the name of your business on sim on a notecard and drop into the Tourism Booth Mail Box. Activities don't always have to be planned- they could just be a way to bring visitors to shop or drink/eat or even browse at your character's business.]

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