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Amazing blue water with a rich marine life and healthy reefs surrounds Santa Ramona, California.

There is a side to this city of ours that few very see. A quiet, eerie, sometimes alien world that lurks just minutes off the beaches of Santa Ramona, CA. A rather playful pod of Bottle nosed Dolphins and exotic jelly fish are among the most impressive sights you can expect in the waters around here.

Local marine biologists have been rightly concerned about how the contaminants in the water system a year or so ago would effect the local Marine life. “We feared our unique close shore reefs would be decimated, what with all the chemicals released to combat the bacteria. It has been a great worry of ours.” said Professor Seymore Fish of University of San Diego's Marine Biology Dept.

We caught up with a local diver out for an early morning dive as the sun rose today.

“Yes this one of the things I do to relax off duty.” Deputy Police Chief Brentt told us. “You would not believe what is out there, just a short swim from the shore. Its like a different world. Calm and quiet. The perfect place to unwind and meditate among the reeds and reefs. Its a serenity I can't begin to describe.” We asked about what wildlife he had seen on his dive.

“Well its hard to navigate down there, but from my compass directions and previous dives I have been on, I would say I made it just past the pier on Imperial Beach. That's a good 25 minute swim against the current from where I started and you always have to keep a rye on your O2 and make sure you have enough for the return swim, plus a little more just in case. On that short-ish dive alone, I come across a pod of Dolphins, who were friendly and seemed to want to play, diving in and out the water and going up for air from time to time. There's a couple of schools of Grey Mullet's down there. I spotted a couple of Gold spotted Rabbitfish, Yellowtail Snappers, Roosterfish, and countless others. There was also an intriguing purple jellyfish that I have yet to identify. So yes its teeming with life. I also know there are Manta Rays down there as well, but I did not see on any on today's dive.”