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The Mayor’s team take action!

by Venus Mari Zapedzki 10/14/20

The Mayor, Angelyna Russo, and Deputy Mayor, Dimitri Rousseau, have issued a notice to Santa Ramona residents detailing the actions they have taken.

The first part of the notice repeats the message that the Mayor issued earlier, previously published in the Chronicles, concerning delays at the Governor’s Office. They are calling for citizens to assemble on City Hall steps at 5pm on Wednesday if the Governor has not responded to their earlier proposal.

The second part contains a list of the seven decisions they have taken (see below). They end their announcement with the words “There are more coming, but these we can wait no longer for the Governor to find the time. We're not sitting on our ass waiting, we're doing.”

The seven decisions are:

1. Renovate and Revitalize the Wolfe's Tavern Historic building in Northside - This keystone part of our city was skipped over during the CDC restorations for reasons unknown. However, we will be moving forward with a full renovation to bring it back to its glo