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The Mayor’s team take action!

by Venus Mari Zapedzki 10/14/20

The Mayor, Angelyna Russo, and Deputy Mayor, Dimitri Rousseau, have issued a notice to Santa Ramona residents detailing the actions they have taken.

The first part of the notice repeats the message that the Mayor issued earlier, previously published in the Chronicles, concerning delays at the Governor’s Office. They are calling for citizens to assemble on City Hall steps at 5pm on Wednesday if the Governor has not responded to their earlier proposal.

The second part contains a list of the seven decisions they have taken (see below). They end their announcement with the words “There are more coming, but these we can wait no longer for the Governor to find the time. We're not sitting on our ass waiting, we're doing.”

The seven decisions are:

1. Renovate and Revitalize the Wolfe's Tavern Historic building in Northside - This keystone part of our city was skipped over during the CDC restorations for reasons unknown. However, we will be moving forward with a full renovation to bring it back to its glory and make the space more usable for the citizens of Santa Ramona Valley.

2. Fourth Friday Farmer's Market and Sales in the Square - A monthly event in the Square in Northside. A monthly event to offer up fresh produce and meats, artisan flavors and crafts from anyone wishing to hawk their wares to the good people of Santa Ramona Valley, the only entrance fee to this will be foodstuffs and goods donated to the Homeless Shelter via the Gateway House until the new Homeless Shelter has... a home.

3. Tourist Board Position - Director of Tourism - New position that works with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to help enrich and excite the "things to do" in Santa Ramona Valley and initiate the great ideas by Dimitri Rousseau.

4. Tourist Information Booth located in the Square to help facilitate the tourism boost we want to see for Santa Ramona Valley. It will offer a centralized place for information, events, tour groups and outings for our city.

5. Name the Next Business Contest - This simple proposal is the one that the Governor has ignored. We are going to collect ideas for a new business to open along the Southside Business... want a pizza shop, ice cream parlor, arcade, certain restaurant, something completely off the wall? Nominate your ideas and we'll have a vote, the person that came up with the winning idea will get the chance to run it or to nominate someone to run the shop. The winning part is that the city will set this shop up, make it a turn key operation and pay the operational costs for one year. Since the Governor has decided not to answer my simple proposal, I will be donating my salary to cover costs. This will help revitalize the Southside Boardwalk and it will give our citizens a say in where they'd like to spend their time!

6. Southside Homeless Shelter - Through the works with grants and funding, and we hope fund raising, we have secured the funds to begin looking for a location for our Southside Homeless Shelter. The operational costs will be partly covered by grants and subsidized by donations, until we can count on the Governor's office to get back to us in a timely manner to also help fund the endeavor.

7. Hash House Work Program in conjunction with Gateway House - One of Rousseaus' speaking platforms will be to make a work program with the Hash House diner in Southside, provided by Gateway House. On the job training, steady work and working with other social services in the Southside Area can ensure that there are not only jobs for those trying to get on their feet, but training for those that wish to move on with some experience and references along with guidance from the Gateway House.