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The Anchor Now Under New Management!

The Anchor is not just a bar, in many other cities that have their own Anchor drinking establishment, each Anchor is unique. Desire, called by many the "Angel of Death" was impressed, "how a place like that needed someone," she thought to herself. Naturally, she invested all she had on it and decided call it her home, after all, home is where the Anchor drops. With that she established in Santa Ramona and establishes not only a broad unique style for that bar, but also one day her own family. Across the country each Anchor has a specialty, such as wings, and this Anchor is no exception!

For this ambitious owner, her Anchor, needed something as unique as the location. She consistently heard many came out saying crab. crab this and crab that and one day she just decided to grab the cage, the ropes and the fishing poles and tossed one under water to let that dive and collect all the crabs she could. That is how she made the specialty of the Anchor in Santa Ramona in order to give her customers t