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Start Up Initiative on South Side, One month Rent Free!

Deputy Mayor Rousseau's latest initiative will look at encouraging businesses in the South side of the city, promising a month free from rental fees on a business property on the South side pier, located on El Camino Road beach.

Mayor Angelynna is on board with the idea and believes it will help encourage investment in the area and engage the community there by the beach side which has some vacant commercial space available currently.

Deputy Mayor Rousseau stated, "If you have a business proposal drawn up and written out, submit it to the Mayor's office located on the ground floor, right side of City Hall, a mail box will be on the wall for proposals to be submitted if nobody is able to take it."*

He also went on to say, "The Pier in South Side on El Camino is prime waterfront commercial space which are also low in terms of rental fees so really, a business minded individual will make a healthy profit if they invest in that region. This initiative will also try and foster some active and live interest in El Camino, South side, increase traffic and business. There will be some more initiatives upcoming looking at boosting business and foot traffic in the sector."

"Start ups would be good to see out there to add some diversity to the businesses that are there but any type of business is also welcome so send in your proposals and we will have a look, those that submit quickly will likely have a good chance of success."

El Camino Street is situated at the rear of the city's trailer park and residences in the South side and has a convenience store, the city's mental health and wellness clinic as well as a number of bars and clubs within easy walk of the area not to mention the beach and ocean where the pier rests on a hill, overlooking these which is where the business would be located.

*[OOC: Please submit a notecard titled with your business name and date it. There should be an outline of your business or start up for us to read.]

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