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SRV7 Mayoral Candidates Special Feature

((What follows is a filmed segment that interrupted regularly programmed news on TV, enjoy!))

Kent Kenwood, looking dapper and perfectly groomed as always. "Thank you for joining us today us as enjoy a first-hand look at your mayoral candidates beyond their everyday campaigning. We reached out to each candidate. Roisin Russo, formerly a mayoral hopeful, had dropped out of the race. Theo Castle replied that he wouldn't give a filmed interview and his voters knew who they were voting for. Now, without further ado, enjoy SRV7's exclusive interviews with Rumour Ghost and Leone Moretti.

A flashy fade and the first interview rolls with a soft filter as requested by Kent to catch his best angle and light.

Kent Kenwood (coldinhell) "This is Kent Kenwood of SRV7 News, and thank you for joining us this evening for an exclusive interview. As your local news station we will be proud to offer you a candid view of your candidates and dig deep for you, our viewers, to introduce each candidate so that you can make an informed decision on who will hold the esteemed title of our elected Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley." he turned to Leone. "Thank you for joining us here today Mr. Moretti, we are very pleased to have you here today. We will start out with giving our viewers a snapshot of your candidacy, what are your core values that you believe will best serve the Valley and its people?"

Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): watched with interest at the clapboard and all that stuff, curious if it was much different to his fathers studio in Milan. "Prego" he replied out of habit, but then remembered once again that he needed to speak English. "You are welcome Signore Kenwood" swapped over his crossed legs and folded his arms settling back. "Mio core values?" he repeats buying himself a moment to think. "I am the a owner, the CEO and Managing Director the Delta Bank, CA which is based here in Santa Ramona." there was a small wince a moment before he carries on" I believe in good business sector, as the base for a profitable economy. If the investment is put in it will yeld the results no?" looked briefly at Kent. "I also believe its time to take direct to help the less well off and homeless. To work together to make life better for people. Moretti means more no?" he spun the lines he had been reciting to himself.

Kent Kenwood (coldinhell) the topic of the bank got his gears grinding, he had notes written out as the news had arrived after the fact while the fire investigation was ongoing, "Excellent, long has homelessness been a scourge to the Valley's public. Speaking on the bank, I am to understand that the bank you speak of actually suffered a horrendous fire last night, we at SRV7 News do hope it is up and running again soon at another location soon. Do you have any comments about that? Do you believe it is a targeted act or a random one? Should the viewers be expecting any more acts like this against you in the future if you do believe it was targeted?" he asked, finding it very curious that the violence erupted on that location in the midst of a mayoral election, but the viewers needed to hear about this from the prospective mayor's own point of view.

Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): gave another quick nod. He was already sending shower and wash trucks out every few days to provide a place for the homeless to wash. The unwashed peasant's and all that. "So I have been a told." he adds about the homeless, although not quite in the most glowing terms. "Si" nods his head. "There was a fire, but I don't have much to say about it at this a moment. Only that mio a wife she was caught up in it" thinks about the question. He was more and more convinced that it was a targeted one, since the perpetrator took nothing, but for now keeps that to himself. "I don't a know if it was robbers or a what, I don't think I should speculate or what I do not know, you should ask the Polizia." shrugged and would not be drawn on it more.

Kent Kenwood (coldinhell) he would let the viewers take from that statement what they would, though Kent has his own opinions. "Indeed, I do hope the bank recovers and returns to a location in the valley soon." he mentioned closing off that topic. "You state Moretti means more as your campaign slogan, what more would you do for the Valley that the viewers should know more of, sure the homelessness is an issue, but there are plenty of other prolific issues that occur such as gun violence and much more." was about to get into the meat and potatoes of the interview.

Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale) would make no further comment about the fire, it was still early days and he was still reeling. $250,000 gone up in flames for no apparent reason. He had been screaming blue murder on whoever done it to his mother yesterday and did not want to get drawn into anything else that would put him in a less favorable light since the cops were involved. He needed to keep a clean hand on this. "Si It will recover" is all he says on the matter. Turning then to silence while he thinks how to answer the next question. "Si I did. It is a true thing that right now, we have an amazing opportunity to transform Santa Ramona into the gleaming and charming city it is destined to be. If I am elected mayor, I will seize this opportunity to address the challenges of Santa Ramona. I will revamp the business sector and I will do that, by investing money into Start up loans that will charged back, not at half price interest or even a third, but with zero interest for the first 6 months. This will allow new businesses to get on

Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): their feet and start to make money before they need to worry about their repayments." he replies adding quickly "Furthermore, I intend to fix the garbage and recycling system and build a stadium which will attract teams and all the revenue that goes along with them to Santa Ramona. This will not only be of boost to the local hotels and motels, but will increase the amount of customers visiting local businesses. And too, I will be instigating coupons online and in the newspapers for those who do not have access to computers, that will entitle those in need to be able to exchange them for meals. I will also once a month be bringing mobile shower trucks to Santa Ramona for those in need to shower and wash their clothing." was on a roll now and if it kept Kent from questions about the fire it was good "But More than that, I believe that, if we work together, we can make Santa Ramona great. For that, we need More. More investment as I said into the local economy, More opportunity for people to find work, More compassion for the less fortunate members of the city, and More entertainment choices."

Kent Kenwood (coldinhell) listened to him interested in what he had to say, Kent had to remain impartial as a member of the press seeing that viewers tended to give better ratings that way and he wanted more of the popular content of live interviews, striving to be the next 20/20 of local news. But it seemed Mr. Moretti is seemingly sharp and receptive to his lures and spurred instead towards the topic of commerce, he didn't touch on the lead topic of gun violence or the fire any longer, respectfully he didn't expect the man to speak on a topic that was still being investigated. "Commerce is in for a boon then should the viewers choose you as their candidate for Mayor, everyone loves new businesses as they invigorate the economy. This morning I was speaking with Greta Polanski this morning who manages the budget for the city, she was able to give me a clear snapshot of the budget and although we have a stable one, it is clear that there is little wiggle room for this quarter, and that would include your mayorship should you get

elected. How do you propose to raise funds for the Valley's future efforts in your plan, for this large arena and shaving off for your various proposals?...what with this fire in your personal business of Delta Bank." he urged him on a bit more, knowing he could talk his ear off with his rehearsed political soundbites.

Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): would not be drawn into a comment about gun violence which could lead to questions about his brandishing charges surely? As Dundee had taught him it was better to stay silent then say the wrong thing. On the question of fund raising he was stumped for a moment, had not thought that far. He had the money to invest should he desire, but Leo was not known for doing anything unless there was some profit in it for him, so yeah funds. "The bank has the ability to cover the business funds, as for the rest. I own a restaurant so providing of meals is not somethi