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[15:26:19] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet) flicked the back of his tongue across the top tier of his teeth seeing Theo walk in obnoxiously, hearing him call a woman 'sis' his eyes jolted to Clarice and he'd lift an eyebrow. Thinking it probably a case of when adults adopt adults or whatnot as he'd heard of before. He was glad his face was away from the camera and catching Ru's WTF look and rolling his eyes when Theo called Ru sexy, a light "Go ahead and take your places behind the podiums in order and we'll get started" he would turn to the audience and address them.

[15:26:46] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet): Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending the February 26th, 2022 Mayoral Debates. Tonight we will be having the candidates introduce themselves to you in debate form. We do ask that no audience member disrupts the debates by remaining quiet and not clapping or booing during the forum between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Order has been granted by way of a coin toss, prior to the debate beginning. After the debate has ended, the candidates may be available for an open forum to be asked questions by the general public, a candidate may chose to leave after the debate and that is by their own volition. Now I will give each candidate a few moments to introduce themselves prior to the debate starting with, Theo Castle please start us off." ((OOC: The post order formally is only between the adjudicator (myself) and the candidates, you may post casually as you please))

[15:27:52] Domi 'Snow' Moretti (domini.daylight) nods to Theo and gives a little smile. Smirks as Theo goes on and greets everyone. He was personable at least. Her eyes moved over to Ru and nods to her as well. She had seen the lady around but doesn't think she has talked to her. Eyes snapped to Leo when he came over to look at Stef. "Ciao." she says softly. " good luck." she whispers to him. Being ever the supportive wife.

[15:28:11] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) "FUCKIN RIGHT!!" she hollers, giving her bro the thumbs up once she realizes he has the luck of the draw on this one. Umm breaking the rules immediately. Fuck it. She has no idea who the dude with stealy hair is and behaving is for chumps.

[15:30:47] Pomella (pigeonchaser) took a seat in the back as she placed her phone on silent, but had a call going and left it on her lap allowing someone else the chance to hear in on the debates. She stayed pretty quiet herself as she listened in to everything people had to say even the woman yelling at the side.

[15:31:54] Lemona Selva (lehmmie) let out a laugh as she heard someone breaking the rules right away before taking a sip from her flask. Other than that she was quiet wanting to listen.

[15:34:21] Theo (theolouie) being all hopped up on speed he was in a damn good mood. A grin over at the audience and he turned to smirk openly at Jay, having very little in the way of manners in any normal circumstance not to mention public speaking, so his voice would be loud, southern and brash in it's raspiness when he spoke loudly despite probably not needing to, forgetting he had a mic. This would really be his first time having an audience of such who were not his employees. He hadn't thought this far ahead so when he heard he had to introduce himself he looked out over the audience. "Look, I ain no politician, but I been a citizen of Southside for years now and couldn't think of no other place better for me than Santa Ramona Valley. I'm a real man for tha people, so I will listen to your ideas, an we all can try an do somethin about shit that sucks, even standin up together if we have to ta make a change, and bring a new age of diversity an freedom to the people of the valley. You ain never gon see me sitting in no office

[15:34:21] Theo (theolouie): gettin fuckin fat off donuts and on bon bons an expensive coffees, thas cos I'm from the streets an' its gon stay that way. I'm down on the level of the people. Thas all I got to say....about that." he looked over at Ru seeing she was next.

[15:39:47] Roisin Russo (roisin.heartsong) placed her hand over her stomach as she felt movement .. and licked her lips at the thought of bonbons and donuts and coffee's .. then remembered what the dr said and pouted .. as she listened to the debate..

[15:42:16] Rumour Ghost waited to hear what Theo would say and tried not to wince at how loud he was in this room. Giving him a little nod as what he said was good. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Im Rumour Ghost and Im running on a platform of experience stemming from my previous employment as a Detective in the Maine police force and from also running a very successful catering business where I've met many amazing people along the way. This also showed me leadership as runnning a busy catering business, you learn how to lead form the front but also know how to delegate work to those who have more knowledge and abilities and then theres values. I built my life around strong core values of offering help to those who need it, being strong in the face of diversity and being as genuine a person as possible". Giving a little smile as she knew she was starting out shaky as she had to settle the butterflies in her stomach and then looked to her left to let Leone take the floor.

[15:42:55] Kiera (missannabel) hadn't gotten out of her costume beefore rushing to the city hall place, skidding to a stop in the slippers and almost crashing into the door. Kiera paused, brushing the velvet dress down and pulling the door open like she was totally dressed normal, SHe'd look around sheepishly and find a place in back to sit.

[15:43:55] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale) took his position on the last podium, not resentful for once that he was not the first, it gave him time to think of something to say. Was going to sit down today and write out an inspiring speech, but was to lazy, so he was making it up as went along. Smirked a bit at Theo then went quite to listen to Rumor. Before clearing his throat. "Ciao. Grazie for inviting me a here today. First of all I know what you're thinking. Why should I listen to this person? Let me tell you why. My name is Leone Moretti and and it is an honor to be here as a part of this election. I am the a owner, the CEO and Managing Director the Delta Bank, CA which is based here in Santa Ramona, which has served the community for well over a year now. I also own the Reel club Santa Ramona's finest restaurant. Two businesses which I have built up from scratch. I also know that some might consider me to young to be standing here, but let me tell you about that a too. I have lived in Santa Ramona for around two years now. I come from an

[15:43:55] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): old established family in these a parts, which has provided two previous Mayors and another family which as provided two more, you could say its in mio blood no? I am a family man too, a father, a husband I know as much about life as someone twice my age. I believe in direct action, in taking control of things myself and that I can provide More of what his city it a needs and More of what the people they a want.” then waits to see what was happening next.

[15:46:43] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) After hearing all three speak, Clarice scans the podiums from Theo to Leo lifting a brow. Yeah, the bro is gonna get creamed. But at least he's doing it in style.

[15:47:53] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet) "Debates starting now, no cheering please, leave it for the end." he'd say looking out over the audience at the stranger that was regarded as Theo's sister. He looked at her for a lingering moment as if to determine if she had any familial resemblance, at this angle and distance he couldn't really see, but he would try to get a closer look soon. "Now we will begin the debate portion. I will ask the candidates a question on each round until time is up at 6:00 PM. Each candidate will have a chance to offer a rebuttal to a response from any of the candidates the next round. If a candidate wishes to be skipped for rebuttal they will simply state they have no rebuttal, and will be skipped. The adjudicator may allow a follow up round for the candidates to offer a response to the rebuttal depending on time and will say so at the end of each round." He turned back to the candidates after speaking with the audience, "Our first question is in regards to the justice system in the valley. Currently there is a lack

[15:49:14] Devon Neiro (devon.faintree) was glad she'd worn her costume over her regular dress while she took off running too keep up Kiera. Dress pulled up over her head, afraid she wouldn't be able to sit in the tight bodice. Her bottom finding the closest seat she could that was in the back and listened.

[15:50:25] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) She notices the ancient creeper in the corner that keeps looking at her. The next time she catches his eye, she sticks out a tongue full of steel in his direction.

[15:54:02] Theo (theolouie) he listened to the other candidates and realized that he forgot to say his name, he saw Kiera and Dev walk in and he grinned at them and flapped his hand at them, saying in a stage whisper, "yo!" then looked back at Leone as both Ru and he was far more qualified for something like this than he was, but he thought he'd give it a chance, YOLO right? Hearing the first question he nodded. "Yea, I'm gonna go ahead and give ya a Theo Castle answer that none other can contest, there's one thing that I know for sure and it's that money fuckin talks..ami right? Ehhh?" he'd ask the audience with a grin. "Ya know they pay emergency personnel like shit, well I them more, bonuses, incentives. Give them better equipment to do they jobs, actually spend some good money on the municipals and reach out to the locals there may be someone who dreams of bein a badass, a doctor, a nurse, cop, or fire fighter or whatever, but never got anyone interested in them enough or thought they dreams could be a reality. I

[15:54:02] Theo (theolouie): think we ought to do more job fairs for not only municipals but other businesses needin people too."

[15:55:20] Lemona Selva (lehmmie) spotted Kiera slipping in behind her and turned around in her seat to quietly hand her the flask a big grin given. Other than that she was quiet. With her backwards in the chair on her knees she gave the three candidates quite the view for a moment her skirt very short.

[15:56:42] Kiera (missannabel) beams at theo, giving a double thumbs up. "Thank you." she mouthed at Lem, reaching to give the other womans dark hair a small tug before she took a swig and handed it back, her gaze back on the podiums. She'd wiggle a little, pulling out a small bag of gummy worms, tearing them open with her teeth before handing them to Dev.

[15:59:43] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) "rAmen," she mutters too low to be heard. Blinking, she amends, "or hail satan . . . whatever." That makes her cringe but when in Rome, or the halls of hell anyway . . .

[16:00:31] Jᴀᴄᴋsᴏɴ Aɴᴛɪɴᴇ Eʀᴏs (jacksontyler84) sneakily sits down on the chair closest to the door and watches the Podiums shaking his head slightly at Leone before reaching into his chest bag and pulls out a pack of gum, he slides a sliver of the gum into his mouth and chews it as he listens and watches

[16:01:23] Rumour Ghost knew too well how hard it was to recruit new blood into the Emergency services as even when she was in the police force, they always felt like they were running on a skeleton staff and being over stretched. Taking a little breath in and gathered her thoughts as she knew she tended to ramble a little when caught up on a topic so would try to be precise as possible. Theo brought up what was needed, money and often the budget couldnt stretch that far but she did agree with him. "Its a tough call on what to do as people need to want to do those very important jobs. They're not all glamourous as you see on tv shows like COPS for example. Its a lot of boredom and tedious work filled in with brief intense moments of adrenaline filled action. On a plus side, you do get out to meet the community more and can work in community projects. Mr Castle is correct though. Its money thats needed, money that never seems to be there and Im speaking from experience here as a former Police Detective. Proper equipment, a good

[16:01:23] Rumour Ghost: livable salary with opportunities for promotion or even cross train with other Emergency services to lessen the strain could be helpful too and offer more enticement for people to enlist". It was hard to keep the old bitterness out of her voice and she hoped she did as working in Emergency services, regardless of what it was, was hard and often thankless work but rewarding too on a personal level.

[16:05:44] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): was making most of it up on the spot so he listened to the other answers then thought about it.

[16:05:44] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): showcase for our finest a men and women who all keep us safe” he had considered asking defunding of the police dept, but they were useful people to have in your pocket.

[16:09:45] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet) lifted an eyebrow at the mouthful of metal that was flashed at him and drew his eyes away, listened thoughtfully though he's already sure who he's voting for, however impartial he liked to be when in the democratic process. "Thank you candidates, now we'll move on to our rebuttal section where you may rebut one or both candidates and they will receive the ability to do so as well in turn order." he nodded ahead, his pen returning to his paper, contending which question would be next.

[16:09:57] Devon Neiro (devon.faintree) waves back to Theo from her seat. She was already starting to fidget around. She even giggled and waved at Lemona as quietly as she could. The saving grace was the gummy worms. She started eating them like spaghetti noodles. Slurping them into her mouth. She'd whisper quietly into Kiera's ear before going back to slurping again. "Thank you..what do you think so far?"

[16:11:50] Kiera (missannabel) smoothes her skirt down, fixing her braid and tucking her bag back under her skirt, a pleasent little smile on her face as she folds her hand in her lap, eaning side ways she whispers. "I have no fuckin' clue what's going on.

[16:13:30] Theo (theolouie) "I know money is a real problem in the government, much of it goes to big wigs and top brass of all positions, leavin little pittance to their underlings. Sure a charity is great, but medical only covers one bit. So I say, why don't we fortify the future with castle and look forward instead of lookin back like my opponent Ghost beside me, instead we should try to raise money, lots of money, so much money it can get put in other parts of the budget too! I think we should have huge fuckin parties, invite everyone, send out invitations to neighboring counties and jus do it up right and really raise the roof with funds." really he hoped to get some legitimate money laundering in and that way would indeed be the best way.

[16:15:35] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) She stealthily covers over her mouth as she listens to Theo, one corner twitching with mirth. He . . . totally just blew it. But fuck, party on Wayne.

[16:20:03] Kiera (missannabel) beams another little smile, It made sense to her, The city was full of younger people with money to blow, Sure not on the southside, but on the northside there were plenty of hedge fund babies." She'd reach out, stealing a gummy worm from the bag and leaning forward to offer it to Lem, listening to the contestants up front.

[16:21:39] Domi 'Snow' Moretti (domini.daylight) was quiet and listening as she rocked Stef in her arms. So far wasn't to bad he only jumped a few times. If it got rowdy she would send him away.

[16:24:13] Lemona Selva (lehmmie) was rather drunk and at some point lost in her phone. She didn't understand half this shit. The last time she thought about politics she had no prosthetic leg. Feeling the tap of a gummy worm on her cheek she jumped a little then smirked turning her head. She grabbed it up with her teeth from Kiera's fingers being a bit lewd about it head tilted back in her seat.

[16:24:39] Rumour Ghost looked up at the audience and watched the woman slurping down the gummy worms with a little amusement as she cold do with a sugar hit right now and possible a glass or two of her favourite bourbon. Bringing her gaze back first to the gentlemen either side of her as she looked from side to side. "I comment Mr Moretti for offering his own money and support but it sounded like it came with a clause that he would only help -if- he was voted for mayor. Whast happens if he's not? Does the city and its people miss out on this help? Why hasnt he offered this support before as its always been sorely needed? Im sure Mr Moretti, with such an illustrious linage of former Mayors in his family would know of the needs of the City more intimately than what I do so only offering help if he's voted in as Mayor seems rather...miserly". A little look of disappointment on her face and then she turned to Theo, "And parties are all fine and dandy Mr Castle but they also come with costs. Security, cleaning, and staffing from

[16:24:39] Rumour Ghost: the top of my head. The cost of clean up after monster raves can be quite costly as well and eat up any profits you might have raised. Whilst I agree on holding Fund raisers, they need to be thought out and properly planned. We can raise money via other avenues that all the community can be involved with. Young and old". Placing herself in the old because as much as she enjoyed a good party, she was getting old and looked forward to more events that were less strenuous.

[16:28:57] Pomella (pigeonchaser) let out another snort to Owl's antics below sticking her tongue out at him real quick, but looked over towards the people making speeches for the crowd in the room as she tried to pay attention. She soon realized it wasn't going to happen and rose up out of her seat leaning down a little to not draw too much attention as she walked for the door, "Excuse me" she whispered passing by anyone till she was out of the room and outside

[16:31:39] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) Listens avidly suddenly, eyes darting from Ms. Ghost to the Scrooge next to her. She scratches her chin, pondering such a good point.

[16:32:58] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale) shakes his head at Theo's insistence that medical only covered one part. "Signora Castle that is not a true, the Polizia and the fireamen they have medical needs to. They have families with medical needs no? So why should a portion of their money get spent on medical needs uncured in their jobs? I am sure they have a health schemes at the moment but surely more money into that would attract more people?" looked across at Theo. "How can you have big a parties that size with no where to hold them, and who funds the parties? That money could be spent of better things." looked over at Snow rocking his son in her arms smiling at her for reassurance. Turned to Ru then looking shocked at her suggestion that there would be a clause, of course there would, but he could fake shock. "Signora mio 'brothers' and I have always supported this city and held charity events." true most of it came out of Vico and Al's money but he had contributed. "I willing to show you the receipts for the check of half a Million dollars

[16:32:58] Leone Ottavio Moretti (willodale): I paid to Doctor Stone for the renovation of the Southside clinic last year." looked at the audience. "I never said I would not continue to support such things if I am not elected"

[16:33:41] Jᴀᴄᴋsᴏɴ Aɴᴛɪɴᴇ Eʀᴏs (jacksontyler84) he reaches back into his chest bag and pulls out his phone, he clicks it on and starts texting as he shakes his head then smirks as he looks up and looks the woman behind the middle podium then looks back at his phone and smirks again then clicks his phone off and slides it back in his chest bag and relaxes into the chair