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[15:26:19] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet) flicked the back of his tongue across the top tier of his teeth seeing Theo walk in obnoxiously, hearing him call a woman 'sis' his eyes jolted to Clarice and he'd lift an eyebrow. Thinking it probably a case of when adults adopt adults or whatnot as he'd heard of before. He was glad his face was away from the camera and catching Ru's WTF look and rolling his eyes when Theo called Ru sexy, a light "Go ahead and take your places behind the podiums in order and we'll get started" he would turn to the audience and address them.

[15:26:46] Jay Stone (julian.quinzet): Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending the February 26th, 2022 Mayoral Debates. Tonight we will be having the candidates introduce themselves to you in debate form. We do ask that no audience member disrupts the debates by remaining quiet and not clapping or booing during the forum between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Order has been granted by way of a coin toss, prior to the debate beginning. After the debate has ended, the candidates may be available for an open forum to be asked questions by the general public, a candidate may chose to leave after the debate and that is by their own volition. Now I will give each candidate a few moments to introduce themselves prior to the debate starting with, Theo Castle please start us off." ((OOC: The post order formally is only between the adjudicator (myself) and the candidates, you may post casually as you please))

[15:27:52] Domi 'Snow' Moretti (domini.daylight) nods to Theo and gives a little smile. Smirks as Theo goes on and greets everyone. He was personable at least. Her eyes moved over to Ru and nods to her as well. She had seen the lady around but doesn't think she has talked to her. Eyes snapped to Leo when he came over to look at Stef. "Ciao." she says softly. " good luck." she whispers to him. Being ever the supportive wife.

[15:28:11] Clarice Lecter (janiesgunn) "FUCKIN RIGHT!!" she hollers, giving her bro the thumbs up once she realizes he has the luck of the draw on this one. Umm breaking the rules immediately. Fuck it. She has no idea who the dude with stealy hai