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SRV Studio Boss Victim of Hit and Run

"It all happened so fast a blur of white hit her and sent her flying up and over the vehicle. Who ever was driving it was trying to get out of there so fast they backed right into the windows of the gym after hitting Alex.." Lilly Russo, daughter of former Mayor Roisin Russo who was with her mother at the scene of Mondays hit and run collision, stated to the Chronicles.

SRV Studio President Alexia Rousseau was the victim of a hit and run collision Monday 8th of March of this week. The Studio President had been on her way to her studio with her briefcase when a white Ferrari driving recklessly plowed into the successful studio President, wife and mother. Mrs Alexia Rousseau was treated by EMS who were supervised by her very own husband Fire Department Chief Dimitri Rousseau on scene, taking her to the hospital where she is currently convalescing. Mr Rousseau is also the Deputy Mayor for Santa Ramona and declined to comment when approached by the


The Santa Ramona Police Department were quick to arrive on the scene. A palm tree had been knocked over from the force of impact, windows broken in the gym across the studios and Mrs Rousseau's briefcase lay open, money fluttering down on the scene of the collision as she lay collapsed on the road.