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SRV Mission Church BBQ Goes Over A Treat

"We had a nice turn out, people came and enjoyed the food that aspiring chef Jaemi Bae had prepared, her Korean BBQ was a hit and everyone enjoyed the baked goods and sweet treats that Selena Hidalgo from Hash House Diner brought out."

Brother Wyatt Langham of SRV's Mission Church reported to the Santa Ramona Chronicles about the Churches community block party that was held in collaboration with South side's Diner, Hash House, run by Selena Hidalgo.

The event saw residents of the city getting together to partake of a meal together, enjoying a variety of beverages and baked goods.

"I hope this raises the Churches profile in the city and I look forward to holding more community events in future." Brother Langham stated and added,

"I owe a big thank you to the efforts and hard work of the Hash House Diner owner Selena Hidalgo and cook Jaemi Bae without whom this event would not have been able to happen. I am also appreciative of all who turned out and had a good time. I am happy to report that a share of the food was also donated to the homeless. I'd like the city to feel like the Church is a neutral space where they can come and collect their thoughts and seek out the ear of a Priest if they need to unburden themselves while also seeing the Church as a place of light and joy which these types of events infuse in the city."

The event took place without any upset and one attendant described it as "Kinda great that I could load up on free food and drinks, I didn't have to make or buy lunch for once. I really do like the Mission Church though, it's very pretty and has that old Spanish colonial architecture goin' on. I also really enjoyed the pie, that was delicious. I took a whole one home with me when nobody was looking- but forgive me Father!"

Selena Hidalgo of Hash House Diner stated, "I am very pleased with how well the event went and I also would like to remind people that under former Mayor Rousseau's proposal in collaboration with the Diner, we offer training and employment to those who are homeless, may have a criminal record or are just finding it hard to find work. I'm honored to have been to hold it with Brother Langham and hope to put on more such events in future."

The event started at 1pm and ended at 4pm [SLT]. The roads are now clear for traffic to utilize the route by Dusty Trails.