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SRV Earthquake 2022

May 1st 2022..

The City of Santa Ramona Valley hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake

It was a little before 11am on the morning of May 1st 2022 when the first of the minor earth tremors were felt in and around Santa Ramona Valley. Most citizens ignored the 2.5 tremor as they are use to the ground moving, living close to the southern end of the San Andreas Fault line but later in the evening, they were all rudely shaken by a massive 6.5 earthquake that shook the whole city and surrounding countryside.

Dogs were set to barking as dozens of car alarms were triggered by the violent movement across the land before a massive dreadful sound of a building collapsing. Witnesses report of seeing a huge cloud of dust and debris billowing down across the plaza and over the Boardwalk as the much beloved Santa Ramona Valley Community College came crashing down.

On further investigations, its revealed that the SRVPD has been barricaded off. Sources state that the stations cells have been flooded with thankfully no current occupants inside, and the building is not considered safe to enter. With the almost certainty of the College to be torn down, will the Police Department face a similar fate?

A later joint statement from the combined Offices of the Commissioner and Mayor reveal that the Police will be working from the Southside Police Station located on Saturn Way. The Mayor, Rumour Ghost later tweeted out a more informed message on her twitter account.