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Sedona Press Release

Police were called to an incident on Sedona Road last Friday afternoon. We are told that approximately 2pm a caller phoned 911 and informed them a potential kidnapping was taking place. Officers were on scene with a few minutes, but were unable to locate anyone.

"On searching the scene, we found evidence to confirm the witness's report that a kidnapping had taken place." Deputy Chief Brentt informed us.

"A young male was in his car outside a house, while chatting with the witness, another male came along there was an altercation and the victim was forcefully removed from the location. Suspect was described white, tall over 6" and red brown hair and wild eyes. We were extremely concerned about the younger males welfare and units were sent out all over the city trying to locate him."

We were told that there has been a lot of suspicious activity around the house and the immediate area where he was taken from over the previous couple of days. "Its not an area we get called out to often" Deputy Chief Brentt commented "But this has been twice in 2 days there has also been some strange vehicles in and around the area."

Later the same evening, a potential suspect was identified and it was discovered he was fitted with and electronic monitoring system, officers on site of the kidnapping, were able to obtain a trace on this signal and a team of tactical Officers from SRPD were then dispatched to the National Forest, where we understand both victim and our suspect were later located. "The team got a visual on both victim and suspect around 7.30pm" Deputy Chief Brentt told us " the suspect had the victim held hostage, which we had anticipated might be the potential motive, hence the reason we sent tactical officers out. The suspect made demands to the team, who attempted to negotiate for a while, hoping to bring the situation to a swift and safe conclusion and while a sniper got into position. After it become apparent the negations were not working