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Santa Ramona Police Department

Santa Ramona Police Dept is appealing for the help in apprehending a violent criminal. "Damien Roth is wanted on multiple warrants" said Chief Brentt. "He is known to be a dangerous individual, who was believed to have left town a few months ago. We are confident however that he is now back in Santa Ramona and 'needs' to be got off the streets" he added.

"To that ends we are offering a $5000 reward to anyone who can offer any information that will lead to his arrest." he stated. "While we are reaching out to the public for assistance in this we, must stress that Damien Roth is very dangerous and likely to be armed. So we are urging anyone who sees him to call us on 911 and not to approach under any circumstances"

Have you seen Damien Roth? Can you help in his capture and get $5000 reward for your effort.