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Santa Ramona Church To Host Street Party

"It should be a good time- Food by one of the cities newest up and coming chefs, Korean BBQ and delicious, mouth watering baked goods by Selena Hidalgo from South Sides very own Hash House Diner. This is just a way to get the city together, feed people and let them enjoy themselves. The Church is happy to host this event in collaboration with South Side's Hash House which has an excellent employment initiative program for those who are homeless, unemployed or previous criminal offenders needing another chance.

Ms Jamei Bae is a newly arrived resident, eager to put her chef skills to use and she will be trying to impress local restauranteers --who knows, maybe they'll be so impressed, they'll offer her a job as a chef!" Brother Wyatt Langham of Santa Ramonas Church, Dusty Trail, states.