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Santa Ramona Church To Host Street Party

"It should be a good time- Food by one of the cities newest up and coming chefs, Korean BBQ and delicious, mouth watering baked goods by Selena Hidalgo from South Sides very own Hash House Diner. This is just a way to get the city together, feed people and let them enjoy themselves. The Church is happy to host this event in collaboration with South Side's Hash House which has an excellent employment initiative program for those who are homeless, unemployed or previous criminal offenders needing another chance.

Ms Jamei Bae is a newly arrived resident, eager to put her chef skills to use and she will be trying to impress local restauranteers --who knows, maybe they'll be so impressed, they'll offer her a job as a chef!" Brother Wyatt Langham of Santa Ramonas Church, Dusty Trail, states.

Brother Wyatt Langham, Priest and a Brother of the Franciscan Order, has been an active social justice presence in the city before he took a leave for personal reasons, some residents may remember he organized a demonstration outside City Hall urging for officials to consider Public Housing, the peaceful demonstration was largely uneventful until violence struck toward the end when a banker threw bricks at the PD and City Hall. Now Brother Langham has returned, he wishes to return to fostering community relations between the Church and citizens, he remains a committed social activist, "I hope to be organizing more rallies and protests in future and writing about important issues in upcoming articles in this very paper." Brother Langham states.

The Santa Ramona Chronicles also interviewed aspiring Chef Jaemi Bae who will be hoping to wow residents with her Korean BBQ.

SRV C: You've been described as an aspiring chef, looking for work in the city. Could you tell us a little about yourself, your cooking influences and what brought you over to Santa Ramona?

JB: "Well, I'll start off with I'm Jaemi Bae! Sunshine, as my mom likes to call me. She always told me my heart was too kind for this world and she was scared that it'd get me hurt. But! Here I am, in one piece mostly.

Ah, and speaking of my mom, she is and will always be my biggest cooking influence. As early as I can remember I was by her side in the kitchen, helping her prep and being an extra set of hands. She was born and raised in South Korea, so I guess you could say that's also where my own cooking style comes from. Back home I had made my own delivery service for my friends, I'd cook food and then bring it to them! For a small fee of course because a girls gotta eat as well. But, California is a melting pot when it comes to cuisine and I'm always striving to learn new styles and recipes. But, leaving out a hard to explain family, I just needed to get away from home. My mom wanted to move to Korea and wanted me to come with, but I figured it was time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest!"

SRV C: Are you looking to own your own restaurant some day?

JB: "I honestly never put any thought into it until just now. But, I think so! I really do love every aspect of cooking, and seeing people enjoy my food brings me a joy that I can't explain. To be able to do what I love and make a living while doing it? Where do I sign up?"

SRV C: What do you think of the city so far?

JB: "It's great! Big, a little hard to navigate, but everyone that I've come across has been super friendly! I really do hope I can make this my own little home and maybe even fill some tummy's while I'm at it."

Santa Ramona Church will release news of when the event will happen in the near future to the Santa Ramona Chronicles as well as putting posters up in the city closer to the time.