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Rumor Has It...The Bait 'n Tackle is the coolest spot to hang out

Article Written by: Ami Elcano

Rumor has it...the Bait 'n Tackle is the coolest spot to hang out

Having trouble beating the heat? Don't have A/C? Down to your last bit of dignity as you peel off that last layer of clothes? Well Rumor has it, that the Bait-n-Tackle may have the answers you seek, or at least the glacial dreams you desire.

A Note from Kiera (Owner of Bait 'n Tackle):

Cooling center at the bait n tackle!

As the heat rises, we will be staying open twenty-four hours to serve as a cooling station. until the heat wave ends, Free water, juice and snacks will be provided. but you're welcome to bring some to share. Blankets, pillows and blow-up mattresses will be provided during the night-time hours up.

Please note, this is a no violence zone, Consider it Sweden. If you have a problem with a group, keep it to yourself or you will be asked to leave, You are not required to be part of the LGBT community to use the club as a cooling zone, You do have to be respectful.