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Rumor Has It

Rumor has it...The Hash House has that Southern Feel.

Article by :Ami Elcano

Have a craving for a good ol' Southern Meal? Want a meal that tastes just as good as your mee-maws? Rumor has it that the Hash House may just have that southern feel that you may or may not been craving. The Hash House has recently come under new ownership, and Miss Klara is one that one must see for themselves. She has that southern vibe- well perhaps little backwoods southern- if you catch my drift, and if you can't then go on down to the Hash House for that drift.

Unfortunately, due the recent change in ownership, there is not an up-to-date menu, but Miss Klara is certainly putting her sweat into making that menu. One thing they definitely do have

is hamburgers- frozen burgers from the local grocer- and good ol' southern coffee with the grinds included. The menu is lacking for the time-being, but I have no doubt that it'll get a little larger.

Need a little extra cash? have a desire to whip up something good and yummy? Stop on by the Hash House, Miss Klara is hiring. Currently she needs some waitresses, waiters, dishwashers, a chef.... well a living breathing soul and a menu.