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Puragyn Corporation CEO Flees Santa Ramona

Puragyn CEO Dr Bastienne Baroque is thought to have fled the city of Santa Ramona shortly after a murder case was found to have apparent links with one of her employees.

The Corporation's office was prerivously based out on Cuestra Road and it is understood that police have not been able to reach Dr Bastienne Baroque on any of her former contact information.

Captain Johnson of SRPD in the south side precinct informed the newspaper that Dr Baroque is now a suspect in the apparent murder of an unidentified white female, twenty to thirty years of age. The allegedly murdered woman was found in the alleyway behind the strip club AlleyCats, owned by the city's DA, Jordan Russo. The dead woman had died from an overdose of animal tranquilizer which had been administered to her in an apparent dosage. There was also signs of sexual activity with forensics at the SRPD able to identify semen samples from the dead body as those belonging to a long time employee of Puragyn.

"Dr Baroque a