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Public Services Announcement

The Mayor's team in City Hall released a press statement today to broadcast a


"We would like to warn local businesses and any prominent individuals that a certain

mentally unbalanced individual is claiming to work for a media publication and is taking photographs of individuals and public officials under false pretenses.

This is an individual well known to police an' to local government an' while she is not at all dangerous, I would like to make the local community aware, especially business owners, that this is a woman who is clearly unwell an' who takes pleasure in maligning others for her own litigious purposes. She is likely alone and unwell but evades mental health services and police frequently.

Just like the Westboro church, this woman is equally persistent, equally aggravating and inflammatory. She is known to make wild accusations and spread disinformation. Please take care an' ask for press credentials and the name of any publication and the purpose for any supposed member of the press wishing to speak to you or photograph you.

Thank you."

Deputy Mayor Rousseau released this statement and added he had earlier on encountered the woman who claimed she worked for "Firetrucks Illustrated" in a brazen lie to him about which publication she worked for- no such publication exists- and she then proceeded to take photographs of himself and his department while he and his crew carried out FD work in the firehouse. He said for legal purposes he would not disclose her name or identity.

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