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Press Release for Officer Involved Shooting

On the morning of August 4th 21 SRPD officers went to a house on Bel Aire to serve an arrest warrant and separate search warrant.

They arrived to find an electrified gate. They had to get the power turned off to Bel Aire in order for them to be able to advance safely.

As they alighted on the other side of the gate a Male suspect and subject of the warrants. Come out of the house with a firearm. He then got into a vehicle. He started the engine and revved it several times. The officers who were behind the vehicle at the time, in fear for their safety ordered him out of the car at gun point.

A female was also on the premises and she was also detained at gun point. She complied fully and was detained during the incident.

The Male who then fell out of the car, and hit the ground, sprang up before the officers could secure or make certain where the firearm was. He then throw a glass at them and rushed away from them and duly tried to hurl himself at the other police officer who was securing the woman.

Two officers opened fire and the male was struck in the buttocks with one shot and a second shot entered throw his back in the area of his heart. The male then fell forward through a window he was stood by, toppling over the couch and crashing through a glass table.

The female passed out. Although the officer with her had checked to see if she was injured and she didn't appear to be. An ambulance was called.

Two of the officers went inside to see if the Male was still alive and see if they could provide any emergency aid until the EMT's arrived. They found the males pulse was fading. EMT's arrived shortly after and by then the male had recovered a little. They treated him on the scene but kept losing a pulse. He was transferred then to SRGH where it is believed he will be under going emergency surgery.

The Female was also treated and taken to SRGH. The female was not arrested. Its not clear at this point if she will facing any charges.

And enormous haul of what is believed to in over of 65 kilo's of Cocaine and likely worth in excess of $7 million street value, along with other items was seized by the Officers.

The officers in question are all seasoned officers with the department. They were wearing body cameras.

The officers in question has been placed under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and are on restricted duties, while this investigation takes place.

In line with safety procedures and Department protocols the name of the suspect, witness and the Officers involved are not being released at present and no further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

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