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Potential Heir To Langham Enterprises Exposed

The business world this week was rocked by the revelation that an illegitimate child borne to Earl Langham and Selena Navarro is now being pushed as the heir apparent to the Langham Enterprises which would mean they would one day be head and in control of the multi- billion dollar making conglomerate.

Earl Langham, 60, the Texan born and bred son of an oil baron is the current head of Langham Enterprises, the most successful media conglomerate in existence in the country and for perhaps much of the world. Mr Langham started his media business back in the late sixties and is largely credited with its success. He is known for his ruthless and cutthroat demeanor as well as his colorful nocturnal activities, with purported drug parties and countless extra marital affairs attributed to him as well as other more darker and scandalous rumors including those of murder, rape and tax fraud.

It has been confirmed by Mr Langham's son Beau 'Bucky' Langham that his father had an affair with young and aspiring actress Selena Navarro some decades ago resulting in the birth of a daughter of whom he had not known existed until recently.

Bucky Langham, 30, an NFL football player for Miami Dolphins, has been in talks with tabloids and other publications this week, alleging that Ms Selena Hidalgo --formerly known as Yoli Navrro-- wants to take 'over' his father's business and is a " digging, scandalous and disgusting young woman who was involved in the murder of an innocent man."

Bucky Langham often the subject for tabloid fodder himself, has recently been at the heart of a scandal involving a team-mate accusing him of racism and sexual assault as well as drugging him while the younger Langham alleges the team-mate was a willing participant in a threesome with a young woman, rumored to be a professional cheerleader who has refused to speak out.

Miss Hidalgo runs the South side Diner, Hash House in Santa Ramona Valley and has stated that she has no comment to make but it is clear that divisions have been sown within the Langham family with the oldest son talking to the press about Miss Hidalgo in severely unflattering terms.

The Diner owner has been embroiled in several cases in the past, involving one with a death of a biotech millionaire - Erik Lorenson- as well as a shooting case that took place in the Diner. Miss Hidalgo has also more recently worked with the previous deputy Mayor Rousseau to put in place a training program for those who lack skillsets and need employment- offering training and employment opportunities at the Diner for the homeless and those with criminal records. She has been rumored to be in a relationship with a Captain of the SRPD, South side precinct, Captain Johnson who may be the father of her child, recently born to Miss Hidalgo 9 months ago.

When asked if the public dispute was causing any issues for his business, Earl Langham replied,

"There are no problems too big for the Langham family to overcome. This bickering between siblings has arrived due to the abrupt revelation that I had a daughter out of wedlock some time ago. Maybe she will be the face of Langham Enterprises, I am very fond of Selena--she's sharp, cool and collected. A good head on her shoulders. Bucky has his own problems to work through, we will get through this as a family, our reputation is just an easy target for those wanting to fill their pockets with money, that's the peril of being wealthy these days." He stated to the Chronicles. He also pointed out that his stock and share values have not decreased since the revelations broke out.

Bucky Langham has not been the only to speak out against Miss Hidalgo, sister to Bucky and half sibling to Selena Hidalgo, Miss Ramona Langham, former troubled child star spoke out in a passionate statement released to the press:

"The news has been disturbing and I stand with my brother when he says that this murdering and scheming young woman has designs for Langham Enterprises that we will not abide by. The future for Langham Enterprises does not reside with Miss Hidalgo and all you stock and shareholders should pay attention to that!!"

While the business world is concerned about what familial conflict might spell out for the future of this lucrative and billion dollar earning conglomerate, others feel that rival media companies may use this family drama to their own advantage if possible. The value of Langham Enterprise stock and share is meanwhile being closely surveilled.