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Police Raid Mancino Funeral And Cremation Parlor (with correction 2/18/21)

2/18/2021 Correction: Santa Ramona Valley Chronicles has received a statement from the police and the SR District Attorneys Office in regards to this article,

"During the process of shoring up the records for this case the Santa Ramona Police department has spotted an error on the reports. This error is not one that can be rectified simply and continue to go forward on the case, so the charges of this case are hereby dismissed, and case closed. Mr. Ludovico Mancino is cleared of all charges associated and the items that were seized during the enacting of this warrant will be returned to the Mancino Funeral Home. The SR District Attorney's Office and SRPD apologize for this error and assure that we are taking steps to assure that this does not happen in the future."

South side Police Department in collaboration with the North side Police Department law enforcement served a search and arrest warrant on Mr Vico Mancino in a surprise raid on the business owner and his business establishment.

The business owner has overseen the Funeral Parlor for at least a year or two within the South side sector out on Rookery road. The Chronicles sought to establish what charges had been brought against the owner and were able to talk to a trusted source from within the SRPD who wanted to remain anonymous:

"Attempted murder. Abduction as well as druggin' somebody. Mr Mancino is lookin' at serious time if the charges hold."

This is not the first brush with the law that Vico Mancino and his family or associates have encountered, according to the source.

"Lookin' at his file, there's a few very questionable things that the Mancino family have been up to in the recent past but no further comment."

It is unclear for now who was the victim behind the alleged attempt at murder but police do have the South side business owner in custody.

Details have yet to be released to the public and the case will be tried out in court but it is with interest for other South side business owners to see whether this will mark the end of the Mancino family owned business or whether they will continue to work and thrive within the city.