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Plane Crashes During Historically Worst Storm On Record

Tuesday night, the Californian Coast Guard alerted Santa Ramona municipality and their departments of a plane that had fallen and was now wrecked in the ocean due to the severe cyclone storm that struck the city of Santa Ramona for the last past few days.

The SRFD arrived on scene at South side, lower Imperial Avenue, with EMS, FD Marine Rescue as the Coast Guard informed them of the wreckage co-ordinates. SRPD from the South side precinct were able to assist with crowd control and help assist SRFD crew members evacuating the nearby residences and erecting road barriers to keep roads clear.

Triage was set up by the dock warehouses and plenty of dead bodies were retrieved from the ocean, a small dog was unbelievably able to escape from the plane wreckage alive. FD Chief Rousseau stated:

"We have been workin' tirelessly throughout the storm, from droppin' off supplies an' picking up people stranded in the storm when it first struck an' dropping them at City Hall or the Cortez Hotel, to clearin' debris an' billboards an' such to now goin' out to the coast an' workin overtime to put out a fire onboard the plane, retrievin' corpses, providin' a search and rescue operation where we were actually able to save two survivors, two cabin crew staff who were in bad shape but still alive. We were able to take them out of the plane an' get them seen to by our Paramedics. We have taken them to hospital. There seem to be about fifty dead all told."

It seems likely that the storm was the cause for the plane to have fallen but the SRPD are investigating with the help of the SRFD, looking for the black box that the plane will have contained.

Debris clearance and removal of body parts and corpses from the plane are on going and people are advised to stay clear of lower Imperial Avenue which will remain closed off to the public, although residents have been allowed to return to their home hours later.

Currently all that is known is the plane was a passenger flight and was reported by the Coast Guard as wrecked off the coast of the city of SRV.