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Old Hollywood Night A Wild Success!

The Boiler Room located on Saturn Way, South Side, was the venue for the SRV Studio's Old Hollywood glamorous and star studded event on Saturday night.

The South side Boiler Room nightclub and bar was transformed into an art deco inspired theme that created a glamorous and elegant setting for the stars of Santa Ramona's own media production company, Santa Ramona Studios, showcasing the new bevy of talent it has signed up as well as giving emerging talent Amelia Heart an opportunity to sing live in front of a mixed crowd of celebrities among the patrons of the club.

The nightclub was packed to full capacity and the drinks kept flowing as Miss Amelia Heart sang a full set with her band accompanying her. Among the crowd, K Pop star Seon-hui was present along with her husband Jae-sung Yun. Also in attendance were Ay$e, R&B star and rock star Danis, to name a few. Amelia Heart was seen mixing with the crowd and enjoying herself once she had finished her set, City Commissioner Jay Stone was also seen enjoying the night and the event continued late into the night.

Studio Executive Alexia Rousseau and her husband Dimitri Rousseau were both present at the event as well as Boiler Room nightclub owners Zoe Prince and Andre Desinor, seen enjoying the party despite a fight almost erupting between the club owner Zoe Prince and No-Tell Motel owner Denise Domela. Intervening parties managed to separate the two women before things got out of hand and club bouncers removed Ms Domela from the premises. No explanation was given for the argument.

The event was a collaboration between SRV Studios with the Boiler Room nightclub and both establishments hope to be hosting more such events in the near future.

SRV Studios are run by Alexia Rousseau and are located on Imperial Avenue, North side.