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Now Introducing: Styles Accounting & Investments

In a town such as Santa Ramona Valley, there are always new and interesting businesses popping up all over town. In recent days, another has opened, but one with a familiar face. Joseph Styles, the owner of The Boiler Room nightclub, has started an accounting and investment firm. The offices are located on Sedona Drive in the Imperial Building. Recently I was able to speak with Mr. Styles to find out what lead to this latest venture.

“Most people do not know this, but I actually got my start in Accounting, which I studied at Boston University before making my way to the west coast. I have worked for many companies in the Boston area doing their accounting. There is something about numbers that I have always enjoyed.”

When asked why now to start a second business, Mr. Styles spoke of timing being everything.

“When I first came into town, I was a much different person who was looking for a home. I was doing the accounting for The Boiler Room when an opportunity arose to purchase the club outright. In the last year and a half since then, I like to think that the club is now running mostly on its own merits. My manager, Heather Raveloe, has shown she is more then ready to run the day-to-day operations. That, in combination with the Hutchinson and Bennett Wealth Management and Financial Planning closing its doors, made way to the perfect time to give this venture a chance.”

The firm will specialize not only in investments, which Mr. Styles has shown to be quite knowledgeable in. He is one of the initial investors in SRV Studios, as well as other profitable investments in recent years. This is something he is hoping to do for the residents of Santa Ramona Valley, especially with a lower commission than typically seen in an investment firm. He says this is because he is hoping it attracts residents to give the opportunity to enhance their income with minor risk. In addition, day-to-day accounting for businesses is something he hopes attracts businesses to the firm.

“There is something about working with businesses that I am drawn to. My education in accounting and work in the past helps me to know of regulations that allow businesses to save money that some might not be aware of. I do hope that for this reason, the businesses of Santa Ramona Valley will reach out and partner with the firm, so that all of us are able to benefit. In the end, those are things that will help our local economy flourish.”

Styles Accounting & Investments opened up this week. It was also mentioned that if anyone else in town had an accounting background, that there are openings for junior partnerships as well. Be it employment or business, please reach out to Joseph Styles to schedule a meeting.