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New Buds in Bloom at Smoke Signals

That's right. New strains of flower have hit the shelves of Smoke Signals. All homegrown!

I stopped by the shop to speak with the manager who is none other than Celebrity Fitness Guru and Cannabis Connoisseur, Fawnie Dimple. I was hoping to get more details and perhaps a demo smoke session.

Both were granted.

I was given the option of trying two of the hybrid strains; "Sundae Driver" or "Purple Punchcisle". Ms. Dimple recommended "Sundae Driver". There's a total of eleven.

I was not disappointed. It was a tasty strain with a sweet and earthy aroma. Sundae Driver offers a well-balanced high. Relaxing and uplifting.

I purchased an eighth and will most definitely be returning to try the others.