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Motel Owner Alleges SRPD Are Corrupt

Denise Domela, the NoTell Motel owner spoke to Santa Ramona Chronicles to express her personal concerns about the handling of her high profile case amid allegations of corruption aimed toward the SRPD, Northside- Santa Ramona's police department, as well as opening up about event that took place at the fateful night of the film premiere of Know It All, a Santa Ramona Studios production. Miss Domela, 24, was apparently the cause of an upset and the reason behind a police being injured when she and a female friend became intoxicated and spiraled out of control, kissing married Studio Executive Mrs Alexia Rousseau and falling into an officer moonlighting as security at the event. Here she puts forward her version of that night and claims that the SRPD have not followed up on their investigations and denies she should have been arrested for sexual assault.

S.C: Recently you were arrested on sexual assault charges. How would you like to respond to these and what comment would you like to make about the widely publicized images of you kissing Mrs Rousseau caught on camera?

D.D: That kiss was absolutely innocent and mutual. It was just two girls having a fun moment with the crowd. You'll notice in any of the footage she did not push me away, nor did anyone else jump in to stop this alleged harassment. Not even her husband. Why is that? Because everyone that knows Mrs. Rousseau and her lovely husband, know they are all about having a good time.

S.C: You alleged an expensive necklace has gone missing. Are you accusing Mrs Rousseau of stealing the necklace from you and why?

D.D: The necklace was a cherished gift valued at $25,000. Mrs. Rousseau did steal it, that is a fact.

The only reason I can imagine Mrs. Rousseau filing these false charges of sexual harassment against me is because she is guilty of stealing and is stalling for time to rid of the evidence, or more importantly deflect the attention of herself. Which by the way...speaking of the SRPD and charges...why is it that same video footage that is being used to press charges against me, is not being used for the charges against Mrs. Rousseau for stealing my necklace in that moment? As it was given for evidence in the police report I filed regarding my stolen property. Let me explain...

All the paparazzi pictures and CCTV will show in the moments before our hot kiss is that I accidentally tripped and fell on an off duty policeman, his arm was broken as a result unfortunately. I was so upset and attempted to apologize several times to no avail. The necklace in question was on me at this point. When I moved the only other person I came in close contact with next was Mrs. Rousseau, we kissed and parted ways as lovers often do. It was at this time on any pictures and CCTV footage you will see my necklace is gone! I had left the premiere to tend to an emergency work related issue and realized it was missing when I arrived at the Notell Motel. As soon as it was possible I filed a report with the insurance company and the SRPD. As far as I can tell there has been no investigation or follow up on my case. Not one officer has ever contacted me with updates, or questioned me further on it. And of course no warrant or arrests were made against Mrs. Rousseau..

Why is that? That is another question you should be asking. But I already know the answer...the SRPD is corrupt from the bottom all the way to the top. If your rich in this town, you can easily bribe and pay off the SRPD, as most likely in the case with the Rousseaus. However it should also be noted that several upper ranking SRPD are very good friends with the couple. One only has to do a little research to discover a very long history of mutual friendship between the SRPD and the Rousseaus. Let your readers sink their teeth on this thought a moment: You have a high profile, prominent rich business owner aka Mrs. Rousseau - who has been accused of theft with substantial evidence, and yet not one single person from the SRPD has done anything about it..