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More Of Passenger Plane Wreckage Found

In the early hours of this Wednesday morning, the US Coast Guard sighted the tail end of the passenger plane that had crashed during the cyclone storm that devastated Santa Ramona city recently. The USCG alerted Santa Ramona's fire department who were already working throughout yesterday night on the plane wreckage located off the coast line of lower Imperial Avenue that was reported on by the Santa Ramona Chronicles yesterday.

The SRFD were dispatched for Search and Rescue operations as well as providing EMS for any likely survivors. The FD Marine Rescue operation set about a diving mission in order to retrieve a number of dead corpses who were located in the waters nearby the wreckage.

Luggage and debris cluttered the waters in this part of the ocean as it had in the passenger plane's front section which still lies destroyed in the water off the coastline not too far from where the tail end of the plane ended up.

"The power been out in the city for the last week or so and has left a lot of us quite literally in the dark. The plane crash happened likely due to the storm an' this section of the plane was found quite a ways from the coast, far enough for us to have to ferry the corpses back on our boat, where we have our rig waiting to dispatch these bodies to the General Hospital's morgue which will likely be at full capacity now so we may start to use other hospitals further out of the city. We are also goin to be retrievin' as many personal belongings as we can in attempts for people to identify their loved ones." FD Chief Rousseau told the Chronicles.

Water booms were placed out in the waters so that any chemical spillage would be absorbed and also to prevent things from floating outside of their confines.

The weather has slowly been winding down from the harsh and vicious gale winds which toppled heavy billboards to roads as well as palm trees and the torrential downpours have now slowed to drizzles.

Back in the city the SRFD have been clearing roads of trees, billboards and debris left by the storm, the FD disaster relief program implemented at City Hall has seen those stranded or seeking refuge from floods, privy to water and food among other supplies there.

SRPD has been working in collaboration with the Fire Department to assist on crowd control, evacuations and barriers while an investigation is now pending on the plane wreckage with the SRPD hoping to retrieve the plane's black box which will help piece together the passenger planes last moments.

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