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More Gun Shots heard in the South

By SRV Reporter Ken Dolle

Around about 3.30 on Sunday afternoon. I heard gun shots in the South Side area of Santa Ramona, close to were I was staying. I rushed over to the area between the Diner and the sex shop, to find police had cordoned off the area. Multiple police and EMT's were in attendance. I was unable to get to close without crossing the police tape, but from where I stood I could see what appeared to be a body laying in the middle of the road. EMT's and Police were getting it into a body bag. I was unable to get a good look at who the body might have been, but it was clearly deceased.

I was able to get a snap shot of the a black sedan car trimmed in gold, that was on scene with its doors open and it appeared from a distance to have trails around it. Police were examining the interior when I was there.

I called over to an officer asking if they could give any details about who it was or what happened. The officer called over his supervisors. Deputy Chief Brentt replied “"No not a lot. Is a male, we believe he has been shot, we cannot release any names or more details at this point".

This comes only two days after a serious of gunshots were heard in the Southside around the area of the hotel. After which witnesses state there was a lot police activity and ambulances were observed rushing from the scene, making this reporter wonder if the incidents are connected.

I asked Deputy Chief Brentt if there a press release on the rash of recent killings in Santa Romana. He replied "Potentially we have to decide if they are connected firstly and if releasing details about them would not damage our investigations" I then heard one of the Officers calling out that he had found a gun and Deputy Chief Brentt informed me he had work to do and moved off to the other officers.

The EMT's then zipped up the body bag and loaded the unfortunate soul into the ambulance.

The vehicle I saw the police examining has been witnessed around town the last couple of months and SRV Chronicles believes it may belong to one of the local wealthy Italian families.