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Meet Your Mayor & Deputy Mayor

A few weeks ago our mayoral race ended with Ludovico Mancino voted in as Mayor and Alessandro Vicentini as Deputy Mayor. Their first road bump happened just after they were put into office by the way of a new change in the city structure with the addition of a City Commissioner. Both Mayor and Deputy Mayor have been ready to hit the ground running, but it seemed to hit a small delay with the appointment of Jay Stone as Commissioner and the ironing out of details. This is how government often works as they get the right formula to work.

However, that formula seems to have hit its stride, and the SRV Chronicles caught up with both Vico Mancino and Alessandro Vicentini to discuss their platforms, ideals and excitement for the road ahead.

Ludovico “Vico” Mancino is an immigrant from Sicily that came to California a few years ago and has grown his dreams into owning successful businesses and serving the city as a Medical Examiner. Dreams were the foundation of his run for mayor, though not his dreams or accomplishments, but what he hoped to help others achieve. Alessandro Vicentini also boasts an Italian immigration story, with equal successes in his time in Santa Ramona Valley who hoped to open up tourism opportunities to the city.

Mr. Mayor, your campaign ran on giving equal chances to all citizens of Santa Ramona to go after their dreams. How can one get involved in that and see about their dreams of owning a business or offering a service? How will your office support these dreams to make them a reality?

- The easiest answer to a question like this would always be - financial aid. While this is part of our plan to provide equal chances for business start-ups, we want to rely on enabling people to build something for themselves. Education is one big foundation one can rely on. With the planned founding of a City College for Santa Ramona we'll be able to offer an opportunity to everyone to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to found and run a successful business start-up.

We plan to offer space for new start-ups to 'test out' their business or market idea in the field - we intend to employ the tool of 'Pop-up-retail' to give aspiring business owners a boost on their first steps, and that at minimal risk.

You also spoke of your commitment to the community. Looking at the budget, city planning, and the services that keep this community safe and healthy, have you started to plan your actions to improve any of those or do you feel they are working at their best capacity?

- Santa Ramona's municipal workers already do a great job to keep this town running. Among a few tweaks to its public transportation system, the addition of a community college and all the college life it will bring will be a great improvement to the overall high quality of life in the city.

Do you have any comments about the appointment of Jay Stone as City Commissioner and the promotion of Azariah Brentt to Police Chief?

- They are both capable men who have done great services to the city so far. I look forward to working with them in their new pos