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Mayoral Update

As I reflect on the halfway point with this idea of Mayor and Deputy Mayor I pushed for, I have seen more done in an elected official's term than ever before. Is it because there are two of us, pushing hard to make Santa Ramona a better place for all? Or is it because the two there are, really want to see improvements? Perhaps it's a bit of both.

We're not done yet, Santa Ramona Valley, there's still places to improve and we look to our people here to help us with that. The Southside Boardwalk is still being utilized very minimally, the docks area has great traffic, but the boardwalk is still without much interest. In hopes to revitalize interest in the area, we issued a contest to name the next business and my office would set up a turn key opportunity for someone. We did not get much of a response from citizens I know have expressed wanting to see different things offered in Santa Ramona.

This Sunday, we're having a Dirty Santa and Naughty Elves party at the Southside Boardwalk. Bring an anonymous gift to drop off to share with others there ((RP gifts, can be anything even services, a dead cat, bag of weed, whatever you want. No will know it was from you! Just put it on a notecard.)) Admission is a donated jacket, warm clothes or blankets. The more you can donate, the better. It never gets extremely cold in Santa Ramona, but there are may that don't have a warm jacket or blanket for when it starts getting cold overnight. I'll be there getting ideas for a new business as well!

DImitri Rousseau's Hash House employment initiative with the Gateway House and Southside Clinic has taken off. Offering opportunities for many to get real life training and build up work experience has not given a hand out, but a hand up to many. We are still looking for a Director of Tourism to lead the way in the great opportunities all over Santa Ramona and we are excited to see facelifts of some tried and true places as well as the new tourism booth in the square.

A big thanks to Alessandro Vincentini at the Cortez Hotel who has shown not only fair hiring practices but fair living wages and entry level employment opportunities, but pledged to me to see to it that our underemployed that want to work, have a place to seek employment that they can not only support a small family on, but learn profitable skills and advance with a good work ethic and willingness to succeed.

We also with to extend gratitude to Ro Russo, owner of Coastal shipping and Alexa Rousseau of the Gateway House for a huge auction that raised nearly $300,000 for our initiatives for the homeless and under employed and to Evelyna Stone at the Event Center for hosting it. All services and items were donated by our patrons and as with any event I am involved in, all foods and perishables are given to the Gateway House to be distributed to the homeless and underemployed.

Our Fourth Friday Farmer's Market has been off to a slow start with most holidays hitting about that same time, instead of having it land on Christmas, I've pushed the Farmer's Market to the day after Christmas (a Saturday, I know, but hear me out) I hope that we can come together as a community with the extras we may have found ourself with to donate to those looking to have a meal, furnish a new place to live, have warm clothes or even clothes appropriate for job interviews, services, etc to our community as a whole. We can't know always who is struggling and to have these items on hand to discretely give out, eases one stress for a struggling person.

We are focused heavily on the homeless and underemployed populations this holiday season, but be assured that the other areas of focus will be given their time too. Tourism, business, infrastructure, safety of our streets are agenda topics we are focusing on.

So join me the Sunday for Dirty Santa & Naught Elves for some fun, bring me your issues and ideas, think of some cool business ideas to bring to the Valley and come with an open and giving heart.

Thank you,

Angelyna Russo