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Mayoral Proposal: Putting the Brakes on Civilian Heavy Armored Vehicles

Purpose of proposal:

Restrict civillians from driving Military style vehicles within City Limits and causing extra wear and tear upon the roads. Whilst they are legal to own, they are not taxed heavily enough to counter the extra damage they do to the inner city streets which are not load rated to deal with such vehicles.

Proposal Summary:


Privately owned armored vehicles may operate on California highways only after

obtaining a license from the CHP. Company licenses are renewed annually. They are to be restricted from entering the City Limits unless legally and legitimately neccessary for work use.


In order to be eligible for an armored car license, applicants must qualify as one of the following:

• Persons or firms regularly hired to transport money or other valuables that require special security.

• Financial institutions.

• Armored car dealers or manufacturers.

• Collectors of vehicles of historic value or special interest and originally designed, manufactured, or equipped as armored cars.

• Other persons or entities that can show legitimate need. (Private and personal use not acceptable)


• The armored car company must be registered with the California Secretary of State.

• All company principals and those involved in day-to-day operations (managers, directors, etc.) must be fingerprinted with satisfactory results.

• Vehicle registration through the DMV must show the BTM as “AR” for armored car.

• An initial fee of $10.00 (annual renewal fee of $5.00) plus appropriate fingerprint fees must accompany the application when presented to the RSPVO at the time of inspection of vehicles.

• After the paperwork has been processed at CHP Headquarters, all necessary licenses and certificates will be issued.

• Any questions should be directed to the RSPVO at your local CHP office or the program coordinator at CHP Headquarters in RPS at (916) 843-3340.

Estimated Cost of Proposal: Initial set up and training of staff to process these fees should be minimal.

Proposal Result from Governoral Panel: APPROVED--Mayor is responsible for setting up and maintaining or delegating the tasks as written.