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Mayor's Update To Santa Ramona Valley

Good people of Santa Ramona Valley,

We are at a point in time that a line was drawn in the sand to the governor. We gathered and came together to demand he answer a simple proposal that was sent in weeks ago. He said nothing then and still has said nothing. He never replied to our call, he never heard our voices, he simply did not care.

Since that email, Dimitri Rousseau and I have pushed forward with our platforms to increase the tourism, decrease homelessness and give an overall better city for you all to enjoy. Wolfe's Tavern is undergoing a needed renovation and update, a tourism and events kiosk is in the center square, the southside initiative to offer services and training to the homeless or under employed is moving forward. We are getting things done.

However, Governor Moe Lester is not. He is answering only those that are specific to one area of our city and ignoring the other half. I want you all to sit and think for a moment. If you own a business on Southside, if you do business with those in Southside, if you live in Southside, if you enjoy the offerings and services or places on the Southside... the entire part of your city is being disenfranchised from the other half. Why? Why is Moe Lester drawing that line with us? Why is he making all things about giving attention and authorization to Northside and ignoring those that come from the Southside, including a mayor he swore into office?

This is no longer a time to sit by and allow the systematic prejudice against southside to continue. We are one city with a variety of people and places... and if half your people are pushed down, I expect that every single one of us should be offended by this. Rise Up, Santa Ramona Valley! RISE UP!

Mayor Angelyna Russo 10/23/2020

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