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Mayor’s rally against the Governor

by Venus Mari Zapedzki 10/15/2020

Former mayor Roisin Russo and one-time Governor Jay Stone were among those who attended Wednesday’s rally called by current Mayor Angelyna Russo. She called the rally to put pressure on current Governor Moe Lester to approve local proposals.

Mayor Russo began the rally by explaining she had submitted her proposal two weeks ago and received no reply. While two weeks might not be long, she explained, she only had a term of three months to see the project through.

She called the Governor’s office with her phone on speaker. The Governor was not answering his phone so she left a message on his voicemail. She informed him, in no uncertain terms, that she was going ahead with her proposal, and any others that she saw fit.

The assembled crowd showed their approval of the Mayor’s message. The Governor did not appear to have many supporters in the crowd. Various speculations were offered about why the Governor did not answer. Some said it was just because he was slacker, others that perhaps he was playing golf. Another suggestion was that he had taken off early for the weekend.

Asked for his comments, former Governor Jay Stone told the Chronicles politicians in the state capital need to remember that they need to look after smaller counties such as Santa Ramona Valley as well as larger areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles. He hoped that Governor Lester saw the benefits of answering Mayor Russo as soon as possible.

The Chronicles attempted to contact Governor Lester for comment but was told he was unavailable. However, a spokesperson said "Governor Lester is aware of Mayor Russo's concerns and is busy trying to address them".