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Mayor Angelyna Russo Makes an Impact!

The Mayor's office is proud to announce the following laws have been passed by the Governor's office with the hard work of your mayor and deputy mayor as well as the support from our citizens.

A new homeless shelter and soup kitchen has been designated in Southside. The Sanctuary will work with area medical, outreach, offer a place to stay and food to eat. Sanctuary for all, community for all, those who arrive, thrive!

Decriminalization of all Drugs PASSED


Vote: 3 no, 4 YES

Drug outreach programs are available at the Southside Clinic and work programs are available at the Gateway House and Hash House.

The following amounts of illicit drugs in possession of an individual will be ticketed, small fines and NO jail/prison time, no Felonies:

Less than 1 gram of heroin

Less than 1 gram, or less than 5 pills, of MDMA

Less than 2 grams of methamphetamine

Less than 40 units of LSD

Less than 12 grams of psilocybin

Less than 40 units of methadone

Less than 40 pills of oxycodone

Less than 2 grams of cocaine

Still punishable with jail time, but MISDEMEANOR offense:

1 to 3 grams of heroin

1 to 4 grams of MDMA

2 to 8 grams of methamphetamine

2 to 8 grams of cocaine

End of Debtors Jail - No jail time for those that do not pay citations, tickets or fines.


Vote: 1 no, 6 YES

End Qualified Immunity for Police Officers and Government Officials


Vote: 2 no 5 YES

Under qualified immunity, government workers can only be held accountable for violating someone’s rights if a court has previously ruled that it was “clearly established” those precise actions were unconstitutional. If no such decision exists—or it exists, but just in another jurisdiction—the official is immune, even if the official intentionally, maliciously, or unreasonably violated the law or Constitution.

For instance, when a police officer shot a 10-year-old child while trying to shoot a nonthreatening family dog, the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals held that the officer was entitled to qualified immunity because no earlier case held it was unconstitutional for a police officer to recklessly fire his gun into a group of children without justification. The Court also declined to establish that rule. Not only was the officer let off the hook in that case, but the very same officer could act the same way again and would still be entitled to qualified immunity.

The end to this law, will allow government officials to be held accountable for acts of violence or negligence not already established. Filing a complaint against a government official should be situations where gross negligence and violence have resulted in death,injury or loss of constitutional freedoms.

Guest Worker Laws


Vote: 2 no 5 YES

Allow the immediate offering of a sponsored Visa to Mexican citizens that are employed to Santa Ramona Valley businesses. The worker will be able to live in the jurisdiction of Santa Ramona Valley for the duration of the Visa along with any minors in their care. They will pay taxes to the Federal and State levels as any legally working citizen of Santa Ramona Valley. This law will offer greater opportunity to our southern neighbors trying to leave a life of poverty and/or crime as well as grow our own citizenry and tax revenues. If employment ends, the Visa will expire in 90 days, giving time for the individual to find gainful employment, or go back to Mexico. There will be no local, state or federal assistance offered to anyone possessing a guest worker Visa.

Stipulations: Person who is convicted of a felony in the USA utilizing these guest worker laws will have their VISA revoked, and they will be deported back to Mexico. They may not apply for another guest worker VISA for a period of 1 year post conviction.

Legalized Licensed Gambling Establishment Via Tribal Casino Regulations

======================================= Vote 1 no 6 YES