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Long-Standing Landmark Wolfe's Under New Owner!

Since 1860 Wolfe's has been Santa Ramona Valley's people's house, a welcoming place offering respite and to get your lips around a delicious drink and quick bite to eat. This historic watering hole provides an outlet for everyone to get to know their neighbor and has always been a place to let your hair down. In more recent years it has become a hotspot of activity located right in the heart of Northside, known for hosting regular events as well as unique theme events. Recently the business was listed for sale and purchased by Commissioner Jay Stone, who not only minds city affairs but also needed something more social and on the ground floor with the people and for the people. Mr. Stone vows to provide the best experiences for the guests of Wolfe's and soon to return to its roots of hosting unique events that all can enjoy. Stop on by Wolfe's today and become part of Wolfe's pack. Wolfe's is located in Imperial Plaza on the corner of Grove Street and wet your whistle on Wolfe's new selection of fine liquors specializing in whiskey spirits. Wolfe's is hiring an executive chef, bartenders, and wait staff. Wolfe's also offers its location as a venue for events to be hosted by anyone, contact Jay Stone ((julian quinzet)) for more information. Head on over and enjoy!