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Know It All Premiere Night A Wild Success!

The Know It All movie Premiere took place outside and at the Santa Ramona Convention center Saturday 22nd May kicking off in the evening. Guests and photographers as well as journalists all gathered to the grand opening of the movie which looks set to be a summer blockbuster starring Aria Grey and Trig Jones in the romantic comedy.

Not only were the stars in attendance but prominent city locals such as former Governor and current Police Chief Jay Stone and his date for the evening as well as Studio Executive Alexia Rousseau with her husband Deputy Mayor Dimitri Rousseau.

The red carpet event was filled with glitz and glamor as guests dressed to impress and were photographed on the red carpet, enjoying drinks and appetizers before they were able to watch the movie inside the Convention Center. The movie was well received and the main actress Aria Grey was given ovation, her co-lead Trig Jones absent as he had to be out of town for personal reasons.

Actress Aria Grey indeed seemed to enjoy the spotlight being on her as she celebrated her moment as the break out star of the movie. Fans received her autograph as she stood greeting them on the red carpet flanked by her best friend and brother.

An unusual incident occurred later on outside the center and on the red carpet, with one male breaking their fingers due to intoxicated women tripping and falling into some of the guests or onto the carpet.

The women who were guests had been drinking all night long and security were unable to prevent the police officer from being knocked off his feet, his hand broken due to the fall and brief skirmish with a voluptuous blonde dressed in black and white, falling only after she had collided with another woman she was with at the party dressed in black and red.

Studio Executive Alexia Rousseau was also seen tumbling with the self same voluptuous and inebriated blonde in front of the cameras when the unnamed woman fell into Mrs Rousseau and brought her down in front of guests and her husband.

Security as well as Mr Rousseau and concerned guests parted the two women and the unnamed blonde was escorted out. The party continued without further incident with pictures taken and drinks flowing until the early hours of the morning.

"The premiere was a blast, everybody had a lot of fun- some people may have had a little too much fun perhaps but that's to be expected. SRV Studios are beyond pleased about the reception of the movie and we are happy that our actors are receiving the acclaim they deserve. Watch this space for future projects in the Studio pipelines!"

Mrs Alexia Rousseau stated to journalists at the event.