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Juiced up PRIDE Prompts Product Recall

Power Juice! At picnics and sunny days at the beach, we've all had the brightly colored and vaguely fruit-flavored beverage at one time or another. Power Juice! recently leveraged its distinctive colors to distribute Pride week-themed beverages. Now Waxler Foods, the company that owns the Power Juice! brand and the legal rights to the flavor of

several colors, has announced the entire Pride! colors beverage line might contain undissolved food coloring concentrate. The company said the particles do not pose a serious threat, but it recalled the impacted products out of an abundance of caution. Lisa Moreno, a Product Quality Specialist at Waxler Foods, said "Supply chain disruptions forced our hand. We had to source ingredients from suppliers who aren't our usual partners and some of those ingredients, namely the dyeing agents that give our drinks their distinctive and vivid colors, didn't dissolve properly during mixing." Miss Moreno went on to explain, "Power Juice! classic flavors are unaffected and can be consumed safely."

The result? A timely meme that's perfect for PRIDE! Imbibing the recalled batches of Power Juice! Has hilarious videos of revelers with colorfully tinted skin posted all over social media. The city is full of Power Juice! drinkers who are trying to see just how many colors, shades, and hues they can make by drinking the recalled batches. Pride celebrations all over the city are populating with literal human rainbows and folks couldn't be happier.

Not everyone is having fun with the new trend, however. When we asked the hospital for an official statement they directed us to a doctor and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Doctor Jamie Huntress. We caught up with Doctor Huntress at Santa Ramona Valley General Hospital. "It's moronic. I do not see any humor in overdosing on food coloring until one's skin turns color. Anyone experiencing symptoms should come to the hospital for observation and suicide watch such that we may have a chance of saving them from their next colossally stupid idea." Paging Doctor Buzz Kill to room eight!

((This is an open invitation to participate in an event. To play, simply RP drinking a Power Juice! then tint your skin any color you wish. When you're ready to turn back, come on down to the hospital for treatment. If you're unable to apply a skin tint, you can just wear a titler. The effects of the tainted batch are cosmetic and wear off in a couple of days. You're also encouraged to post in the SRV in character chat as if you're participating in the meme described in the article. If you participated in the workout event but would like to dodge the skin coloration, your character received the perfectly safe Power Juice! classic at the event.))