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Jay Stone: From Chief to Commissioner

Appointed by the state Governor, Moe Lester, Jay Stone has accepted a new position as City-County Commissioner. Charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the local municipalities, the local budget, and assisting the mayor's office to make their objectives and proposals a reality. The torch of Chief of Police has been passed to the loyal and dedicated Azariah Brentt, who has accepted the opportunity. Working on behalf of the state, Jay Stone will also take the responsibilities of the police commissioner for the local area of Santa Ramona Valley to assure that the public continues to receive quality law enforcement. Jay Stone holds years of experience in localities up and down the east coast before branching out to California in a career lasting a sum of twenty years in law enforcement, retiring once before as he dipped into politics in an intense race to the polls and winning as Governor before an assassination attempt failed, and later he proudly returned to law enforcement.

Currently, the Commissioner's office is now open in City Hall, motivated, creative individuals are welcome to send their resumes for limited positions which have opened in the county as the office seeks an additional advisor as well as a secretary.If interested please contact the Commissioner's office at (619)555-5555.

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