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Hiking in Santa Ramona Valley

Few find the idea of a stroll in the countryside disagreeable. And for those that desire to get away from it all for a while and leave the stress and strains of everyday life behind for a while hiking can be the perfect pastime.

The chronicles as part of its series to caught with Mr. H E Walker and his wife Ima. We asked the walkers how they got into Hiking.

“I started hiking in University” Mr. Walker stated.“Few friends and I had a hiking club. We used to go for hikes when we didn't have lectures. Back then there were many ways to get up onto the mountain trail and if you naturally followed along the mountain path you could even get down to this little hidden bay. It was an awesome place to go for a swim away from the crowds of tourists on the main beaches.”

“There was that cave as well” Mrs. Walker instantly added.

“Oh yes, that's right. I think it was part of the old entrances to the local mines, had filled up with sparkling water, it was always freezing. There were so many local stories of, elven folk, ghost, pirates, and smugglers abound all claimed a place in the tails that circulated. Whatever the ultimate truth if I remember correctly it was a great make-out spot for the local youths. Many a cherry was popped there over the years I am sure” Mr. Walker added.

To which Mrs. Walker giggled.

We next asked the Walkers what happened to this cave and where they walk now.

“Not really sure. When the CDC locked the town down after there was a contagion in the water some years ago, they had to renovations a lot of the underground infrastructure as I heard. Many places disappeared, were filled in, or were no longer accessible afterward. If remember reading in the local papers, there had been a number of gruesome and high-profile murders take place up there and around that area of the trails. I suppose that along with a number of earthquakes we get now and then that might of rendering the area unstable the city government decided to take the rebuilding and restructuring opportunity to block off the cave and reroute the footpath?” he stated.“Where do we hike now? The trails are still there and accessible from the farms and Bel Aire Drive. If you keep going up you eventually end up on the mountain pass. From there it's a short hike up to the summit. From where you can typically stop and look out over the whole city. A truly awe-inspiring sight.”

“There's a private picnic area on the way up near to the old mine entrance.” Mrs. Walker added to the description. “The whole area remains a bit of a make-out zone, so we hear. Just don't be trying to go into the mines. They are blocked off but some foolish folks nevertheless try and come on if you get lost there the chances are you're not coming out again. Be sensible kids. Remember curiosity killed the cat.”

“There is also the National Forest,”Mr. Walker said.“Just a brief drive from Santa Ramona is the National Forest. A broad expanse of woodland with lakes and rivers to explore. A private forest pool is fed by a hot spring, very nice for a dip and you can hire horses and go for a ride if hiking is not for everyone.”

We asked if any special gear was required for hiking.

“Oh no. That's the beauty of it. Just a sturdy pair of shoes and perhaps a bag and you are all set. Doesn't have to be expensive at all.” Mrs. Walker informed us.

“You'll probably want a map, compass, and some means to contact civilization in case of an emergency” Mr. Walker added.“A lot of modern phones typically cover all these in one place, but the signal might not always be reliable so I prefer to operate old school just in case. A reusable bottle of water if it's hot that's all you need really to enjoy a nice hike in the fresh air.”

As you can see from the Walker's there are a number of excellent choices for Hiking in and around Santa Ramona. Learned doctors and leading experts say hiking is; '….A powerful cardio workout that can lower your risk of heart disease. Improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Boost bone density, since walking is a weight-bearing exercise...' It's a good family and bonding exercise to boot.

So there you have it, readers. With summer fast approaching why not dig out those walking shoes, get yourself a backpack and get away from your TVs and social media for a bit and enjoy a healthy hike in the pleasant air.

Happy Hiking Everyone.