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Four contestants tried their luck at eating an entire pie in under three minutes to win

the prize of a free pie and a free meal at the Hash House Diner, South side of the city.

The Hash House was packed as spectators gathered to see who could pull off this feat with contestants in the form of two women and two men.

"It was really great! The contest was a lot of fun, we have some good eaters. The turn out was awesome and it shows the neighborhood is a good community of people. I hope everyone enjoyed the pie and will visit pie Hash House more often. "

The winner was a man named Theo, the pies served were all cherry pies and on lookers were able to help themselves to free pie surplus of the pies made for the Pie Eating Contest. On offer were apple, chocolate, pumpkin and cheesecake, all free for spectators to consume.

The event is the first of it's kind at the Hash House Diner, a well known diner run by manager Selena Hidalgo who personally had baked all the pies for the event.

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