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Hash House Initiative

Deputy Mayor Dimitri Rousseau announced this week that his initiative for a skill set training base in the South side would take place effective as of this month.

The Hash House Initiative as it has been dubbed is a program in the South side of the city that will see citizens who are unemployed and anyone with previous criminal convictions able to undertake training enabling them to even seek out potential employment within the Hash House Diner should they wish to enroll and partake in the initiative.

Hash House Employee Selena Hidalgo will head the Initiative

The initiative is a collaboration between the Hash House Diner as well as Gateway House, the cities very own Halfway House, a rehabilitative service for prior criminal offenders which assists them to get back on their feet and reintegrate into society. Both are

located on Saturn Way, in the South side of the city.

The initiative's team effort is also reflected by the joint partnering of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on this collaboration.

Mayor Angelyna Russo pledged her support, stating that:

"I think giving people a place to learn a new trade, while on the job, will instill a sense of pride, ownership and confidence. The Gateway House has been a big part of placing people in our fair city in positions that fit their skills and abilities, I can think of no better marriage of an idea to get people out there earing living wages."

Deputy Mayor Rousseau added, "This is an opportunity which will hopefully deliver a direct impact in terms of reducin' unemployment an' homelessness in the city. I am hopin' there will be more businesses willin' to take this up in future an' provide trainin or even future employment to residents who need either."

The Chronicles also spoke to Hash House Diner Employee Selena Hidalgo about the program and asked her if her recent involvement in the publicized case in the death of entrepreneur Erik Lorenson would hinder her aims:

"I’m excited to start helping with the initiative, helping people get on their feet and learn new skills. Skills that can take you a long way, teach you the power of self-responsibility and help you build pride in earning for yourself. I think we'll be a great pairing and I look forward to working together on this.

I have been involved in a very unfortunate incident but I am relieved and grateful to be vindicated from any suspicion by the SRPD as I was the victim of a violent attack and am the survivor of a violent tragedy. I feel lucky to be alive. I also feel lucky to be able to experience the unity that is being fostered out in the South side by Mayor Russo and Deputy Mayor Rousseau and Gateway House alongside the Hash House Diner."

Alexia Rousseau, owner of the Gateway House adds: "With this initiative, Gateway House will continue to serve those who are unemployed and the marginalized sections of society with a chance at a new life, bolstered by employable skill sets to take them forward and with a shot at actual employment as provided by our collaborating partner the Hash House Diner."

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