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Harvest Food Fair Called "a success"

by Venus Mari Zapedzki 10/13/2020

Father Anthony Morrow of the Santa Ramona Church, agreed that last Sunday’s Harvest Food Fair, that he and his Church had organized, was a success. The Fair was held in the street outside the Church and a host of Santa Ramona Valley residents turned out, many bringing donations, to the event in support of the Valley’s poor, homeless and needy.

Santa Ramona Mayor Angelyna Russo (pictured abover), who was among the many present, also called the event a success. She told the Chronicles "I think anything that helps the homeless a good thing” and added that she thought making people aware of the problem of the homeless was as important as the food itself.

The Mayor also revealed that she was planning to start up a farmers’ market in Santa Ramona, the only entrance fee to it being to donate some of the produce to the homeless shelter.