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Gunfire At South Side Diner

The Hash House Diner in South side, Santa Ramona, was the scene of a police investigation as gun fire was reportedly released on site this week Monday afternoon.

The Chronicles were able to obtain an exclusive interview with Hash House Diner Manager Selena Hidalgo, 24.

"The entire thing was a bad accident. There was gun fire- and that was because one of the staff dropped the gun and let it go off, accidentally. The people that were there are frequent customers and diners." Ms Hidalgo claimed.

"The cook grabbed the gun from the register which is where we put it for our own protection due to prior incidents in the past, I'm not sorry we have it because this neck of the streets are rough. Anyway, our cook had been trying to take care of customer's order when the gun fell out from the register, he was a little angry as he was being spoken to abrasively by the customer and it was likely that the diner was trying to get more for her buck if you know what I mean, when three quarters of your meal are gone, the food isn't the problem."

The Hash House manager herself was arrested for possession of an illegal firearm. She was led away from the Diner in cuffs but had this to state:

"I found the gun in some bushes out by the Motel NoTell. I took it, sure. That's on me. The gun was not mine and not registered to me so sure, I was booked for that."

Another woman on scene was led away by police and we inquired at the SRPD what the charges were related to. We were told by the Captain of the SRPD:

"Two women were arrested at the Diner, one outside of the premises, the other inside.

The woman outside had attempted to leave and she was detained for questioning by police and then later charged for having an outstanding warrant, a failure to appear before the court for an unrelated matter, fine payment. The other woman was charged for illegal possession of an illegal firearm."

The Hash House Diner has been hit by robberies before and also violent episodes but none have occurred recently until now. Ms Hidalgo is also a participant in the Deputy Mayor's program for boosting employment and training opportunities; the Hash House Diner offers both training and employment to those who are homeless and may hold a criminal record.