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Get Down & Dirty With Max Climax At The Gallery

Max Climax, the flamboyant frontman for the world-famous rock band Sex Panther, who recently came to call Santa Ramona his new home along with two of his other bandmates, is also it turns out a talented painter. He is having his first show at the Santa Ramona Vallery, on the first/main floor on Wednesday, May 18th at 2pm SLT.

It will be a showcase of his art that features sexy pinup girls, legendary silver screen actresses and more. Often playfully naughty, sometimes a little kinky, and always fun, he is a renowned figure in the lowbrow art scene.

There will be snacks and drinks and custom music chosen by Max himself to play over the speakers and compliment his art pieces. You don't want to miss this event! He's also happy to sign autographs while at the show, and his bandmates lead guitarist Baz and rhythm guitarist Beau will also be there.