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Full Steam For Your Dream - For Santa Ramona Valley

On Thursday, 29th citizens of Santa Ramona had the chance to meet Santa Ramona's mayoral candidate Vico Mancino... and were invited to chase their dreams. Handing in what they always had hoped for to achieve as their dream job, or their one big idea for a business they never were able to put into reality, they gained a head start. After election, these collected dreams have a chance to come true... once the mayoral goals for equal chances and education are brought on the way - according to Mr. Mancino.

We took our chance for a few questions to the candidate.

Q - Mr. Mancino, equal chances - it sounds like a nice slogan, but what does this mean for you? What 'equal chances' entail your future goals as a Mayor of Santa Ramona?

A - The drug and crime issues in this town have been addressed several times by now, though rarely had been brought directly to the people. No one ever asked the question of why there is a problem in the first place. More often than not the criminal 'career' or the addiction to a needle started with a broken dream or chances that haven't been granted. The previous Mayor has done some solid groundwork in that regard, which I wish to take further. Everyone has a dream, a passion they want to follow in life. My goal is to bring the community of Santa Ramona closer together, to initiate programs for education and support to actively reach those who had fallen out of said community, to put those dreams back together, and help them to eventually help themselves. No one wants to relay on needles, crime, or support of others forever, people want to take their fate in their own hands. And that is what we will enable."

Q - Let's have a look at your next claim, 'For The Community' - how will your plans benefit the city as a whole?

A - My most favourite part of the town has always been its open community. I have come here as a stranger, a foreigner, but back then I was greeted with open arms. I have built a business and a home here by now. My least favourite part... is that one easily catches a stigma in this town. As open as this town's arms are, it also judges fast. I will not hide it. I have made mistakes in the past, bad mistakes. I got lucky, I didn't end up in a worse place, but I could have. I don't want it for others to be a matter of luck, I want them to have true chances to work themselves out of a bad place. If we offer them, if we help those people out it will benefit Santa Ramona - the town isn't brick and glass, it's the community. Boosting the businesses and commerce in Santa Ramona ties directly into the goal to pull back the 'outcasts' into the community. The addict that had been thrown in jail for the umpteenth time, he has a passion for cooking, wanted to be chef long before fate hit. The woman arrested for stealing from the Food Hole, she's got a talent for surfing. All these skills go to waste if these people are just sent back out to the streets, telling them to 'get a job'. Listen to them, hear out what they wish, initiate contacts with established business owners, make sure they get the proper setup and education... and sooner rather than later we got a new, bustling beach 'Barbecue and Bar' attracting visitors from across the city boundaries, a new surf school in town entertaining tourists.

Q - You seem to aim heavily on the misfits of our society, which is honorable. But don't you think it is too narrow of an aim?