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Former Mayor Denies Allegations

Former Mayor Dimitri Rousseau has followed the SRPD in releasing his own personal statement to the allegations that Miss Denise Domela, owner of NoTell Motel, South side, cast upon not only the North side located department of the SRPD but upon himself and his wife Alexia Rousseau, Studio Executive of SRV Studios on Imperial Avenue.

"Ms Domela is a troubled woman who has formerly been arrested and charged with attacking myself and my wife on separate occasions. She has turned up inebriated and full of lies and deceit to slander myself and my wife on a few public occasions, hired by one of my political rivals to do so. Unfortunately for those who are new to the city they may need clarification on this matter and it was therefore the reason I release this statement.

Ms Domela pushed herself upon my wife at the movie premiere event an' my wife and myself did not allow it to go on, Ms Domela was thrown out for being intoxciated and escorted out by the off duty police, one of whom she injured by falling over onto them. She seems to be unaware of the strained relationship I personally have had in the past with the SRPD, there is no corruption going on an never was. I worked in my capacity as Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively without interferrin' in Police affairs. As an FD Chief I sometimes engage with Police but only in a professional manner an' as I've mentioned, it's easy to look up what encounters I've had with Police and indeed, how Ms Domela has been charged for numerous brawls, indecent behavior and now she can add slander to her sheet."

The Chronicles can reveal that indeed Miss Domela has served time behind bars for certain offences, one which did involve deception and fraud, an attack on Mr Rousseau and a DUI and license ban for running over Mrs Alexia Rousseau.

"I'll be lookin' at launching a lawsuit against Ms Domela, personally she might be one to benefit from having a personal relationship with the DA of the city but unlike Ms Domela I do not pretend to know this kind of arrangement for certain as a fact, I only mention it since she herself referred to her romantic relations with DA Jordan Russo, taking it straight from the horses mouth. I have never cast aspersion about her publicly but she feels the need to do so, after causing a lot of torment and furthermore insulting the very people she turns to for help, the SRPD, time and time again. I have been duly investigated by the SRPD and cleared of any wrong doing, this woman has nothing left to do with her time perhaps other than sling mud at people who work for this city and it's benefit." Mrs Alexia Rousseau declared in her own personal statement.

The Santa Ramona Chronicles can also respond to the breach of investigative journalism ethics to respond: The Police Officer referred to in our last article was indeed off dut